Welldrug.com Review – Suspended Drug Store Offering Fake Testimonials

WellDrugs.com was an online supplier of drugs that claimed to sell high-quality drugs only but has now been closed. There was nothing on the official website of the company regarding its place of working or duration of working.  The company ensured that the good quality was said to be its prime purpose because the store believed that offering good products will earn it more customers. Therefore, it ensured that the suppliers were selected very attentively and selectively. The quality of every product was tested and the documentation was said to be closely analyzed. All the drugs were manufactured in India and had a license. These drugs also used to have an approval from the FDA as per the company. The packages of all the drugs included a certificate of analysis given by the manufacturer and it was ensured that the drugs fully adhered to the Indian rules. Different ED drugs were available at this platform with 25 mg of Viagra costing 1.79 US Dollars.

The company used to provide services by Standard International Airmail at $10 and Courier Service at $30, delivering in up to 21 and 9 days respectively. Payments could be made by credit cards. The company can be contacted by dialing +18005324808 and +442030110241. A contact form was also used to be available for customers to reach to the company

Welldrug.com Reviews

In order to check the authenticity of WellDrug.com, it was crucial for me to find out as many customer reviews as I can. For this purpose, I searched for different websites online. However, I could only find them on the official website of this store.

The first review that had been made in reference to Well Drug was by Mark who seemed satisfied with his order as the pills were working “great” for him. In his review, he specifically mentioned how happy his wife and the entire bedroom was for him.

Another review was given by Mike who had received his order at a fast pace and he was actually “very impressed” with the timely service of the store.

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Lastly, an anonymous customer named DN had shared his story in which he ordered from Well Drug and was able to try their medicines out. He did not forget to mention how “happy” he and his girlfriend were with the way the pills worked out for them.

I really appreciated the presence of reviews regarding WellDrug, but it was until I realized that these reviews were not original. I recalled seeing the exact same reviews on so many potentially scam e-pharmacies that I was sure that Well Drug was no different from them.

Welldrug.com Reviews 2017

After feeling highly disappointed from the copied reviews I had found earlier regarding WellDrug.com, I decided to give Scamadviser a try and figure out more about this store.

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After checking the report, I figured out that Scamadviser was not too happy with Well Drug as well. It had been given a dangerously low trust rating that had, in fact, placed it in a red zone. Furthermore, Scamadviser had also given specific details about how this store was associated with so many malware viruses and how it was never safe enough to buy drugs from.

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The report evaluated by Scamner was pretty much similar to that of Scamadviser. A zero percent trust rating had been allotted to Well Drug and the customers had also been directed to stay away from this suspicious vendor. I could see it written in red how this store was not recommended for browsing or shopping for drugs.

Welldrug.com Coupon Codes

I checked for the coupon codes for Well Drug and found the same old advertisement posted on its website regarding discount.

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There were two different advertisements portraying different types of advertisements. The first one was related to free pills. The company had promised its customers to provide 20 free pills of Viagra, however, it could not be established whether this offer was given with every order. The other offer was regarding free shipping but I was unable to find any specific details on this offer.


To conclude, I can say that Welldrug.com ruined its reputation the very moment it decided to upload copied reviews on its website. This is a heinous crime and must never be supported. Such stores must never be encouraged to work openly in pharmaceutical markets as they pose a threat to the safety of the people. May be this is the reason why it got suspended in the first place. I would give this store a rating of 1 out of 5.