Trusted Tablets Review: Where Genuine Generic Medicines Can Be Found

Trusted Tablets is a group of online drugstores that offer a wide range of medicines, mostly generic brands. Their 12 years of experience in the online business has taught them to deal only with the best pharmaceutical companies that ensure that their customers will be happy with their products. This chain of internet drugstores believe that in order to keep your customers, you need to keep them happy and it is possible by delivering quality medicines at a very affordable rate.

As a chain of internet drugstores that sell the same medicines at the same price, Trusted Tablets strive hard to continue giving the best to their customers. They offer generic and branded medicines that have passed FDA testing. Most of their medicines are from India and are Indian FDA approved as well as Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940 approved.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

When it comes to using a new website for buying, the first thing we check is reviews. Customer reviews will surely tell us what to expect from the said e-store. With 12 years of experience as an online pharmacy network, we believe that we will be seeing a lot of optimistic reviews from the customers of Trusted Tablets.

Trusted Tablets Customer Feedback

Four customer reviews of Trusted Tablets were chosen for this write-up. We chose David, Mark, Mike, and Dn’s experiences to check how Trusted Tablets did as an online pharmacy.

For David, Trusted Tablets was his source of genuine medication that works. He said it surprised him considering its price. It worked well that his wife was too happy about his regained power as a man. As for Mark, it is not just the quality of the medicine that made him happy, it was the timely delivery as well. After receiving his order, Mark said that everything in his room is happy again, especially his wife.

For the review shared by Mike, he shared that he just got his order and that he was impressed at how quick the delivery team was. DN, the guy who shared the last customer review we picked shared that he was happy not just with the pill but the way the customer service team assisted him.

In short, aside from providing quality and affordable generic medicine, Trusted Tablets also has a great team of support that helps customers all the time.

Trusted Tablets Online

One of the promises of Trusted Tablets to their customers is that they are a legal network of online pharmacies. It means that they are licensed by the authorities to dispense those medicines. They also promise not to abuse your privacy by ensuring that your personal information will remain private. Information such as email address and phone numbers will remain private and confidential.

Trusted Tablets Site

Trusted Tablets offers different medicines for different illnesses. They also offer different methods of shipping. They offer Express International Mail for $20. This is trackable and it only takes up to 9 days for your order to be delivered. The second option is Standard International Mail and it takes up to 21 days for the order to be delivered. This method of delivery is not trackable and it costs $10.

All orders are sent and packed discreetly. If you have a mailbox, the courier will leave it in your inbox. The packing and shipping of order will take 1-2 days hence you have to add it to the waiting time once the order is shipped. All orders are shipped from India as all medicines offered by Trusted Tablets are from India. These medicines are Indian FDA approved. This chain of online pharmacies ships their products to anywhere in the world except in some countries in Asia where importation of medicine is strictly prohibited. To be on the safe side, check your local laws on importation of medicine first before making an order. All orders are processed after a credit card payment is made.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes released by Trusted Tablets as of this writing. They are more on giving customers some perks like a discount for returning customers and free pills on all orders.

Trusted Tablets Perks

For their returning customers, a discount of 5% is provided to second-time customers and 7% to all succeeding orders. For free pills, an order of 20 pills will entitle you a4 free pills and an order of 60 pills will entitle you to 10 free pills. Order at least 100 tablets and Trusted Tablets will give you 20 more. In addition, if your order is at least $150, you can have your order shipped via Standard Airmail for free.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Contacting is easy as they have an available phone support team that can assist you. For questions, issues or concerns about your order, the numbers to dial are 1-800-532-4808, 1-718-475-9088, and 44-203-011-0241.

Trusted Tablets Contact Information

Trusted Tablets also has a ‘contact us’ page that you can use if you don’t have the capability to call them or you are not in the area where these numbers can be reached for free.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

Trusted Tablets doesn’t support spamming of emails and they do not encourage their marketers to make unnecessary phone calls to promote their product. For Trusted Tablets, spamming is not the best way to reach out to their customers or to introduce their product.


As a provider of generic medicines from India, you will think that the medicines they are offering might be substandard. In fact, the medicines they ship are all Indian FDA certified and are as effective as its branded counterparts are. If they are not effective, how can this network of online pharmacy last for 12 years? For its genuine products and experience in the market, we are giving Trusted Tablets a rating of 5.