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Tamoxifen Retinopathy

Tamoxifen is a drug used by women who have been diagnosed with the highest risk of developing breast cancer. Tamoxifen is known to have an adverse effect on patients. Side effects associated with using this drug include hot flashes, virginal dryness, low libido, and mood swing. There has been this doubt if patients who use Tamoxifen also suffered Retinopathy. A study was conducted on 120 women who took the drug. The test was conducted after regularly using tamoxifen 20mg for 6 months. After their evaluation, it was discovered that about 4 women showed signs of retinopathy. However, the percentage was quite low compared to what was expected.

For purpose of clarity, retinopathy has to do with any damage to the retina in your eyes. If anything happens to your retina, it will affect your vision. There are so many factors that can cause damage to the retina. One of the major factors that can cause damage to the retina is diabetes. Other factors include damage blood vessels and exposing your eyes to bright light. As earlier stated, about 4 women showed signs of retinopathy after using the drug for 6 months. But it is not completely clear if the signs of retinopathy were basically because they used tamoxifen or not. It was also discovered that most of these women had reached menopause. It was almost impossible to determine if tamoxifen-induced the retinopathy or their age.

However, tamoxifen is not your regular drug. You need a doctor’s prescription to use this drug. Your doctor will know how to prescribe it so that you don’t experience severe and damaging side effects like retinopathy. We have a list of online pharmacies that sell this drug and also have qualified doctors who can carry out series of test on you to know if the drug suits your system.

Tamoxifen Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is one of the many side effects that occur when you use tamoxifen. Tamoxifen most times are prescribed to be used by a patient for 10 years continuously. In most cases, it can be 3 years or more depending on the severity of the risk of breast cancer. Blurred vision may not occur in both eyes. Sometimes it may affect one eye and if left untreated it may affect the other eye. It advised that women who are taking tamoxifen should go for a regular eye test.

Tamoxifen 20mg

Tamoxifen 20mg

The regular checkup will help your doctor determine if your eye is affected by the constant intake of tamoxifen. This will guide him/her properly on whether to reduce the dose or completely stop you from taking the drug. It is safer to notify your doctor if you notice any eye problem. Don’t reduce the dose on your own.
Some of these symptoms like blurred vision and retinopathy have discouraged women from taking this drug. They prefer to go through chemotherapy than use tamoxifen for 3 years or more.

Eye Problems Associated with Tamoxifen

Blurred vision is not the only side effect that patients who used tamoxifen over the years complained of. The problem with taking tamoxifen is that it doesn’t only act on breast cancer; it also acts on other tissues. Some patients develop cataracts after using tamoxifen. Studies have shown that on the average only 10 percent had such side effect. Some symptoms of cataract include blurred vision or cloudy vision. In most cases, you need a brighter light to see clearly especially when you’re reading. However, there is no need to worry because their several measures to remove cataract safely and fast. It is very rare for patients to suffer from retina or cornea of the eye. This eye problem becomes visible after you stop using tamoxifen for a long time.

Tamoxifen pill

Tamoxifen pill

If you notice any sign of eye problem and your taking tamoxifen, please don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. They will be able to know what is causing the eye problem. Always go for regular eye checkup if your taking tamoxifen. The earlier any defect is detected, the better. If you wait till the condition gets worse, the remedy may not be fought coming. It may become very difficult to treat.


The truth is that tamoxifen induced retinopathy is a very rare case. There is no evidence of such case occurring in any patient who is using tamoxifen. Notwithstanding, it is not your duty to take any drug for an eye problem when you notice any. It becomes even important to desist from any form of self-medication if you’re taking tamoxifen to treat breast cancer. Taking tamoxifen is associated with other side effects especially when the drug has been taken for a very long time. Some patients are required to take tamoxifen for 5 years to reduce the risk of a breast cancer.

Tamoxifen is not the type of drug you buy from just any kind of pharmacy online. we have put together a list of top online pharmacies that sell original tamoxifen. They also do home delivery. The product can get to you no matter what part of the world you live. They also have renowned medical practitioners who will examine your health and determine if you need the drug or not. Tamoxifen is a prescription drug; it can’t be bought over the counter. Seek medical advice if you notice any abnormal change in your body system.

Keep it away from children. Store at a room temperature. Don’t use more than the required dose daily. If you miss a dose, you can skip it if the next scheduled time for another dose is close. Ensure that you go for a regular checkup to determine if the drug is working as expected or not.