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Tamoxifen Cost

Tamoxifen is a drug used for the treatment of breast cancer in women and men. The drug is not cheap at all. Most popular pharmacies sell the drug at an expensive price. The truth is that tamoxifen is more expensive if you buy from a local pharmacy. The cheapest place to buy tamoxifen is from an online pharmacy. Mind you there are so many scam sites that pose as online pharmacies. Be careful so that you don’t fall into their trap. We have a list of online pharmacies that we can recommend that sell tamoxifen at affordable prices. They can also deliver the drug to you notwithstanding your location.

The average price for a pill of 20mg of tamoxifen is between $10 and $12. The price for other doses like 5mg and 10mg are not the same. This price will vary depending on the pharmacy you visit. We are proud to inform you that those pharmacies on our list can sell tamoxifen for a lesser amount. The problem with buying a product online is that you may not know the authenticity of the product. But with the pharmacies on our list, product quality is guaranteed.

The highest dose of tamoxifen is 20mg and is supposed to be taken once daily. Most women are supposed to take this drug for a period of 5 years none stop except as advised by the doctor. Don’t get too concerned about the price of the drug, your interest should be in the quality of the drug. If you’re covered by an insurance policy, then you need not worry about the price of the drug.

Tamoxifen is primarily a prescription drug so always follow your doctor’s instruction. Tamoxifen is in a different form; Some are in syrup, tablet, liquid or taken as an injection. Your doctor will know which is better for you.

Tamoxifen Cost in India

India has most of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Asia. They produce both branded and generic version of most drugs. For instance, they are over 13 companies produce different brands of tamoxifen. If you live in India you can get confused on which of the brands are original and fake. That’s why you need to buy from a reliable source.

Tamoxifen 20mg

Tamoxifen 20mg

The cost of tamoxifen in India is determined by the dose, brand and where you buy it from. The higher the dose, the higher the price. A pill of 10mg of tamoxifen can go for Rs 40 or Rs 45. This price may not be same if you buy from an online pharmacy. We have carefully put together a list of online pharmacies that sell original tamoxifen at an affordable price. They can also deliver the drug to you not minding your location.

A generic version of tamoxifen is cheaper than the branded version. You can buy both generic and branded version from an online or local pharmacy in India. However, the prices can’t be the same especially when you buy from a popular pharmacy. Popular pharmacies tend to sell tamoxifen higher than online pharmacies.

How Much Does Tamoxifen Cost Without Insurance?

Ideally, tamoxifen is supposed to be cheaper with insurance. However, the truth is that most patients who need tamoxifen can’t afford insurance. Tamoxifen is quite expensive even when you have an insurance cover. This has led many people to fall into the waiting hands of fraudsters who capitalize on this to advertise cheaper brands of fake tamoxifen. Without insurance, you can get a pill of 20mg of tamoxifen between $12.50 and $14.25.

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Generic Tamoxifen

We saw all these difficulties that you may go through and carefully made a list of top online pharmacies that sell this drug at a cheap and affordable price. They have certified doctors that can also evaluate your health condition to know if you need the drug or not. If you’re lucky they can offer you coupons to buy tamoxifen cheaper. When you get a coupon, it allows you to walk into a pharmacy, present it and the drug will be sold to you at a discount.
Whether branded or generic, the active content should be tamoxifen. Look out for tamoxifen as the active ingredient when you want to buy any brand.


Tamoxifen is used to treat a serious ailment like breast cancer, so don’t expect it to be as cheap as an over-the-counter drug. If you notice, the cost of any drug you buy is determined by the severity of the disease or sickness. So prepare your mind that you can’t buy it as cheap as other drugs especially if you don’t have an insurance cover. We have made things easier by compiling the list of top online pharmacies to sell it at affordable prices. So take advantage of the list and get the price for a quality drug.

Tamoxifen is a prescription drug. Don’t use it without a doctor’s prescription. It has side effects, which makes it very important to consult your doctor before taking it. Studies have shown that because most patients take this drug for a long time they notice some side effects such as blurred or cloudy and cataract of the eye. Furthermore, there is some fear that tamoxifen-induced retinopathy. However, there is no conclusive study whether tamoxifen induces retinopathy or not. All these are issues that you need to discuss with a professional who will guide you and ensure that you don’t experience any severe side effect.

Keep it away from children and pregnant women. This drug can cause some side effects on an unborn males private organ. Store in a dry place and at a room temperature. You can also read the instructions written on the body of the drug’s packet. This will also help you understand how to use it better.