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Tamoxifen Breast Cancer

For so many years, tamoxifen has been administered to women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. This drug is regarded as a chemoprevention drug that can last for 10 years. Although studies have shown that tamoxifen is good in preventing breast cancer in women who are potential risk bearers, the drug has not been embraced. The reason such attitude towards tamoxifen is the severe side effect that you will notice after using the drug. Such side effects include endometrial cancer and pulmonary embolism. However, it is very rare to experience such side effects after using tamoxifen. It is better to consider the risk and benefits of tamoxifen for each patient.

Tamoxifen has been around since the early 70’s. This drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It contains an ingredient that blocks estrogen signaling. It has been discovered that breast cancer expresses estrogen receptors. The growth of the breast cancer is often determined by the intact estrogen signaling.

Tamoxifen is usually taken once daily. It is often better to take this drug at a specific time daily. You can also buy tamoxifen in a liquid form. Men can also take tamoxifen if he is diagnosed with breast cancer. Note that this pill is used to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who have not been diagnosed with this disease. It is good for women who are at a high risk of suffering from the disease.

Tamoxifen can interact with other drugs so it is often advised to consult your doctor’s before you take this drug. This will reduce the side effects that you may likely experience while using the drug. We have a list of online pharmacies we can recommend that sell original tamoxifen at an affordable price.

Tamoxifen Cost

You can buy a pill of 20mg between $0.61 and $0.90. While a pill of 10mg is sold for half the price of 20mg. The best way to save money is to more. Most pharmacies give discounts when you buy as much as 30 pills and above.

Tamoxifen Cost for for 30 Tablets 20mg

Tamoxifen Cost for for 30 Tablets 20mg

Tamoxifen Chemoprevention

Chemoprevention will improve your odds of being free from cancer. Tamoxifen is a chemoprevention drug. You can use it for 10 years without undergoing chemotherapy. But it must be under the strict supervision of your doctor. Most women often don’t want to use tamoxifen because of the side effects associated with using the drug.

10mg of Tamoxifen

10mg of Tamoxifen

Estrogen increases the growth of most tumors found in the breast. Tamoxifen stops the effect of estrogen and thereby reducing the risk of a breast cancer. This drug is classified as selective estrogen receptor modulators. Doctors often prescribe tamoxifen to be taken daily continuously for 5 years. The benefits of taking tamoxifen for 5 years can last for another 5 years. So if you are diagnosed with the risk of having breast cancer, tamoxifen can be used as a preventive therapy for 10 years.

However, it is the duty of your doctor to determine if tamoxifen can be used as a chemoprevention after considering certain factors. For instance, if your family has a risk of breast cancer or have a history of blood clot, the use of tamoxifen may not be good for you except your doctor says otherwise. You can use it as a chemoprevention even if you have reached menopause.

Tamoxifen Weight Gain

One of the side effects associated with taking tamoxifen is gaining more weight. However, some patients also reported that they lost weight in the process of using this drug. Currently, there is no conclusion on whether patients actually will gain weight or lose weight after taking the drug. Research has shown that chemoprevention can induce premature menopause. During menopause, your body’s metabolism becomes slow. Menopause makes your body gains more fat and loses muscle. You can gain between 5 and 25 pounds during this period. This does not apply to every woman as some will gain less.

Tamoxifen 20mg

Tamoxifen 20mg

During the period of using tamoxifen, you gain appetite because you’re also given other drugs that will induce hunger. This will increase your fatty tissues. Some women gained fat in their belly and lost a lot of muscle while others became fat in other parts of their body. It is natural that when you lose muscles, you will gain weight.
Consult your doctor if you notice weight gain or loss. Tamoxifen may not be the cause of the weight gain of loss.


Tamoxifen is not an over-the-counter drug. You need a doctor’s prescription to purchase this drug. Any form of self-medication should be avoided. If you feel like there is any need to increase or reduce your dosage please consult your doctor.

Tamoxifen interacts with other drugs that contain bupropion, fluoxetine, paroxetine, and quinidine. Studies have also shown that using alcohol while you’re taking tamoxifen is not good for your health. You may also notice some side effects like chest pain, weakness, pain in the pelvis and so on.

Beware of fake and expired products. If you want to buy the drug online please verify the genuineness of the website by checking for reviews. Instead of going through this hassle, we have compiled a list of online pharmacies that sell tamoxifen at an affordable price. They can deliver it to you discreetly.

This drug is not for children or pregnant women. It could cause a lot of side effects in pregnant women. Before you start using tamoxifen inform your doctor if you’re pregnant. It can lead to birth defects if you use tamoxifen while you’re pregnant.

If you have ever suffered a heart attack or liver problem please inform your doctor. It could lead to severe consequences if you use this drug while you’re suffering from heart disease, liver, or kidney problems.

Store at a room temperature and don’t keep it in your bathroom. It could lead to the moisture of the drug.