Pharmacy Mall Review – Pharmacy Network with Good Reviews

Pharmacy Mall is an online pharmacy network made up of several online pharmacies. Having been incepted in 1997, this drugstore network is, by far, one of the most archaic internet drugstore networks around. When we mention the term “pharmacy network”, we are speaking of one company with several identical websites with different web addresses. This means that shops included in one pharmacy network all look the same—up to the last detail, only that these multiple websites have different web addresses that may not be related to their store names. Buyers may be a little freaked out seeing multiple identical sites with the same domain names, but customers should not be alarmed with these stores since they are legal.

Some online drugstore networks like Pharmacy Mall even have licenses to operate their shops online. In this network’s case, Pharmacy Mall is certified by Canadian organizations (CIPA, MIPA) and even Pharmacy Checker, an elusive online group for reliable web drugstores. This means that Pharmacy Mall is indeed reliable and is a trustworthy network pharmacy that buyers can use.

Although we hope that all online drugstore networks are reliable like Pharmacy Mall, they aren’t—some operators take the existence of network drugstores as a cue to ripping people off. Some website operators intentionally copy benign websites and use them as bait for buyers—they are replicating good shops so that people would accidentally order from them or use their credit card details on the fake website. Because of the existence of these fake sites, customers should be more careful when shopping their medicines online.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

To be able to identify if the network Pharmacy Mall is a good network to use by customers, we searched for available user reviews for the web pharmacy network.

Rating for Pharmacy Mall e-Stores
Rating for Pharmacy Mall e-Stores

There were customer ratings for the overall performance of the shops included in the Pharmacy Mall network and all in all, the shops had a good rating from the buyers. According to the rating above, customers thought highly of Pharmacy Mall and rated the network 4.6 out of 5 points or roughly 92% out of 100%.

Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews
Pharmacy Mall Customer Reviews

Other than the ratings for Pharmacy Mall, customers had positive comments for the network. According to one customer, he’s ordered twice from Pharmacy Mall successfully. His orders got through in just 10 days.

Like the first customer, another buyer also mentioned experiencing a fast service from the network shop. Most customers emphasized that they have not encountered problems with the shipping from Pharmacy Mall e-stores.

Apart from the comments for the fast order turnaround, the customers also appreciated the good prices for the products and even reflected this in their comments.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Online drugstores are all the same in terms of their products, their prices, and all the rest of the content. Because of this fact, we can only take a look at one store and consider its contents true for all the rest of the Pharmacy Mall e-stores on the web.

Based on the information on Pharmacy Mall shops, the network was created to help customers find the lowest deals for the medicines they need. Patients are suffering from exorbitant local drugstore prices and therefore need cheaper alternatives for their medicines, making networks pharmacies essential in helping buyers maximize their savings.

Pharmacy Mall Shops
Pharmacy Mall Shops

Clients can purchase medicines for various uses on Pharmacy Mall e-stores. Buyers are given access to medicines for impotence, pain relief, fertility, and other prescription and non-prescription medicines. Apart from these products, buyers also got to enjoy herbal treatments, skin care products, and other medical supplies. Pharmacy Mall e-stores do not ask for prescriptions from their clients so buyers can order from the shop hassle-free. Even if the store does not ask for prescriptions, the shops only sell “safe” medicines and none of those addictive or narcotic products.

Buyers can pay for their orders on Pharmacy Mall websites using their credit cards (MasterCard or VISA). Clients of Pharmacy Mall e-stores should be confident whenever shopping for their medicines on the platforms since the stores are SSL secured and are therefore safe to use.

Pharmacy Mall Approval Seals
Pharmacy Mall Approval Seals

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Buyers would be happy to find out that Pharmacy Mall e-stores are offering coupon discounts to their customers, like the one you can see in the image below:

Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Clients
Coupon Code for Pharmacy Mall Clients

This particular coupon code from Pharmacy Mall, IL-9158 can be used by customers if they want an additional 10% off their purchases from the network. The code must be inputted during checkout and may be used once by each client.

Besides this generous coupon discount, customers may also enjoy the following deals from Pharmacy Mall shops:

  • Free shipping for a minimum purchase amount
  • Complimentary pills for all buyers
  • Special discounts and offers for buyers placing large orders
10 % Discount Offered by Pharmacy Mall
10 % Discount Offered by Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Buyers with order concerns or other questions may contact Pharmacy Mall using its numbers (+1 718 487 9792 and +4420 3239 7092) or using the email function found on every Pharmacy Mall network website.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

As far as we know, the shops under the Pharmacy Mall network have not been involved in scandals or buyer complaints about spam and scam activities. Reviews for the Pharmacy Mall network stores seem to regard Pharmacy Mall in a positive light, which is a sign that Pharmacy Mall shops are reliable.


Pharmacy Mall is a pharmacy network involving multiple websites with the same offers but different domain names. So far, only good reports exist for Pharmacy Mall shops, which make them good to use by consumers looking forward to saving money when it comes to their medicines. Considering the pleasant reviews for Pharmacy Mall e-stores, we’re rating the network 5 out of 5.