Know The Cause Before Administering A Remedy For

You don’t want to give your child a remedy for earache until you know for sure what is causing it. An earache may come from a cold or an ear infection, among other things.

Another possibility is that your child originally had a cold, which gave him an earache. Then he developed an ear infection from the cold and earache, which causes another earache. So the earache was first caused by the cold and then by the ear infection. Too much moisture in the ear can also cause ear infections. In the warm weather, too much time in the pool without earplugs or eardrops may be the culprit. There are other things that can give your child an earache, but these are some of the more common causes.

Knowing the difference in symptoms of an earache caused by a cold and an earache caused by an ear infection will help you know how to treat it. An earache caused by a cold has a mild to severe pain that can sometimes cause a burning sensation. The pain may make it difficult for your child to sleep. The good news is that, like a cold, it will usually go away on its own. The bad news is that it can cause a fever while it stays. Watch for green or yellow mucus as well since these may indicate the common cold as the reason for the earache.

An ear infection has some symptoms that are similar to those of the common cold. Difficulty sleeping and fever can also occur with an ear infection. In addition, your child may not be as interested in eating for a little while. The pain in his ear may be worsened by chewing and swallowing. He may be in a bad mood. Temporary hearing loss, dizziness and drainage may also occur. If not treated, these symptoms can worsen and the ear infection can become much more serious.

If your child enjoys a lot of pool time in the summer, consider making him wear earplugs when swimming. This is one of the easiest ways to keep excess moisture out of the ears and avoid swimmer’s ear. Wearing earplugs in the shower will also help. If he refuses to wear the earplugs, ear drops should be used after every trip to the pool.

There are some available over the counter or you can simply mix a 50/50 concoction of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar to use as drops. Whatever you decide, it’s important to make sure that you know what has caused the problem before you administer any remedy for earache.