Fildena 25 Directions

Fildena 25 Directions

Fildena 25 will be administered to mature men who are unable to achieve an erection hard enough to allow sexual intercourse to take place. This is the least Fildena dose and will be recommended for the following reasons:

  • If the higher prescription led to negative reactions, the prescribing doctor will recommend that you take the smaller dose to check whether it will still perform the same task without too many reactions.
  • If your age is advanced and your health status is not in the best condition, the doctor will always suggest that you ingest the lower dose. This is mostly done when chronic illnesses are concerned.
  • You may also choose to start off with the least dose if it is your first time to take Fildena. If it works, you are better placed than a person taking higher doses. The side effects that may affect you are just mild and will no stay for long since such a small dose is cleared from the blood really fast.

Though Fildena 25 is just a small dose, it is advisable to get checked by a specialist before you take it. During the examination, the doctor will seek to know your medical history as well as any prescription or non-prescription drug you may be taking. The outcome of this session will either make the doctor issue the prescription or request that you abstain from the drug if the consumption will be getting your life at risk.

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Some of the reasons your doctor may discourage you from taking Fildena 25 are:

  • If your heart is weakened by a heart attack that happened within a duration of six months
  • If your penis is abnormally shaped or you have an injury to the penis
  • If your liver or kidney are severely damaged
  • If in the past you suffered from priapism
  • If for medical reasons you are not supposed to have sex
  • If your blood pressure is too low or very high and cannot be controlled.
  • If you suffer from gastric ulcers

There are many other reasons which will make a doctor discourage you from taking Fildena which could even be because of some drugs you may be using. Such drugs could be hypertension drugs, nitrate drugs, recreation drugs, HIV medicines, alpha-blockers, among others.

Fildena Instructions

Use Fildena 25 according to the instructions issued by the doctor.

This dose should be consumed only when sexual intercourse is intended and never as a daily dose

The best time to take the pill is an hour earlier before you get into sexual intercourse.

Always drink plenty of water while taking Fildena 25 to maintain proper hydration during sex. This will also keep some negative effects like a headache at bay.

If possible, take Fildena 25 before meals as it will work faster. Taking fatty meals, grapefruits, or alcohol will make the pill take longer to effect.

The pill should be ingested as it is without crushing, chewing, or breaking it.

Even when you feel that the effects of the pill are not as anticipated, wait until twenty-four hours are over to either take an equal dose, or ask your doctor to raise the dose to 50mg.

Fildena 25 Reviews

When Jeramy Rounds discover he could no longer hold an erection, he ran to his doctor who suggested that since it is his first time, he should start off with the 25 mg dose. The dose worked and he says that he is no longer impotent and the pills did not cost much. For Tomy Wiser, he says when it was discovered that he had mild erectile dysfunction, he asked for help since he did not want to disappoint his partner. As soon as he started taking the 25mg pill, his erection was normal again within a few minutes of taking the pill.

Fildena 25 reviews

Fildena 25 reviews

Though 25mg is just a small dose, it is evident that it works as good as the higher doses in most men. You should not, therefore, insist on getting a higher dose before you try the 25mg dose to avoid having to suffer from too many side effects. From the reviews too, none of the men who took the small dose experienced side effects, meaning that this dose is safer to use. It should, however, not be abused as any improper use could cause negative reactions.

Buy Fildena 25 mg Online

Customer who chooses to buy Fildena 25 online will enjoy the benefits of cheap prices and also a great convenience. This is because they will purchase at their preferred time unlike buying from a local pharmacy where you have to rush against time before they close. You will also safeguard your privacy as every procedure will be conducted online and no one has to know what you are buying. During delivery, there will be no indication of the content inside the package and the recipient will not know the content just by looking at it.

The price from an online pharmacy is also lower compared to the price in local pharmacies as seen in the table below:

Online price of Fildena 25

Online price of Fildena 25

If you buy thirty pills, each pill will cost $1.45 and the total amount will be $43.50. A person who buys a higher quantity will pay less and the price could get to $0.84 for a person buying 120 pills. Always be careful to buy from trusted sites to avoid being scammed by those who sell fake drugs online.


Fildena 25 is the right dose for a person who is just starting off on ED medication or an elderly man who has serious health complications. Let a doctor be your guide always so that will offer the right directions and if anything goes wrong, you will not have to explain your case as he will already be aware of what the cause is. Choose online sources wisely to avoid buying fake drugs. If you need guidance on choosing a credible pharmacy, check our list of Top Online Pharmacies and choose one among the listed credible pharmacies.