Fildena 100 Reviews

Fildena 100 Reviews: Affordable Medication Known for its Efficacy

Fildena 100 is a medication known for its efficacy in alleviating the male version of erectile dysfunction. The drug is essential in treating the condition through the increase of blood in the penis to give you a hard erection for sexual intercourse. The active ingredient in Fildena 100 is Sildenafil Citrate. It shares a chemical composition with brand Viagra. It is the cheaper alternative to Viagra given that it works more less the same.

Fildena is a potent drug whose administration and uses a general practitioner must do. The medication works like other PDE5 inhibiting medicines. By inhibiting PDE5, cGMP is preserved to cause vasodilation in the adjacent penile tissues. This relaxation will, in turn, allow a blood surge to the penis to trigger an erection that is hard enough or elongated sexual intercourse. Note that, Fildena is not a hormone and for this reason, you must be sexually aroused to activate it in the bloodstream.

Fildena 100 Reviews

Customer reviews give a chance to know the uptake of a particular product by previous users. We can know this through the use testimonies found online. The available customer testimonials for Fildena are quite positive, an evidence of a working product.

Adrian, one of the people who has used the drug says the drug is far much better than the rest h has come across with

Adrian, one of the people who has used the drug says the drug is far much better than the rest h has come across with. Eddie from California in the US, says the medication works but is quick to advise that an empty stomach will not disappoint you. Besides good reviews, Fildena has a reputable manufacturer adding to the decency of the drug. However, you should always have the doctor’s advice before using the drug.

Fildena 100 Purple

Fildena 100 is a purple capsule with a strength of 100 Mg. The recommended dosage is 50 Mg, but one can take more but 100 Mg and below. Fildena 100 purple is a Sildenafil brand hence it’s not safe to use without a doctors guidance. The medication is available as a prescription drug. It is for this reason that you must see a doctor to assess you first before putting you on Fildena. Food and Drug Agency have approved the product from Fortune Healthcare as a safe drug that can be used to remedy impotence.

Fildena Compared To Viagra

Fildena is a generic drug to brand Viagra. The both have Sildenafil Citrate as their active ingredient. The only notable difference between the two drugs is that while Pfizer of United States of America manufactures Viagra, Fildena is made by Fortune Healthcare in India.

Viagra Pills

Viagra Pills

Their prices also mostly differ. Fildena is far much cheaper compared to Viagra. Other than the mentioned differences, no research has put Viagra, to be more efficient than Fildena. It is for this reason that you can compliment Viagra using Fildena comfortable and still get the same results.

Fildena 25

Fildena has so several strengths including 25 Mg. This lesser strength can be prescribed to persons having contraindicated medical conditions like acute kidney failure as well as high blood pressure. The concentration also can be helpful to patients who have prostate cancer though it is not approved for this purpose.

Fildena 25

Fildena 25

If you are new to erectile dysfunction solutions, you can also go for the lower strength to gauge how well your reacts to such medications. It can be a good test to your body before you go for the higher doses of 50 Mg and 100 Mg. It is strongly recommended that you make your decisions based on your doctor’s advice and the professionals should answer any clarifications.

Fildena 100 Mg How to Take

Take Fildena 100 as directed by your doctor to avoid any complications to your general health. Make sure to carefully review the accompanying label to make sure you are doing the right thing. 50 Mg is the recommended dosage of the drug. The maximum allowed is 100 Mg and not more. Overdosing may increase the severity of the side effects. The drug is indicated for oral administration.

Take it through the mouth with a glass of water. You should avoid using Fildena if you are taking other medications that have nitrates. Alcohol is another substance that should not be used alongside Fildena. This is because alcohol is a depressant that will slow down pressure of your blood. Fatty foods should also be avoided. Both alcohol and fatty foods will most certainly hamper the effectiveness of Fildena in the blood.

Fildena 100 Online

Fildena is available from the online drugstores. The process of purchasing the medication online is simple and straightforward. All you need is to follow the set online shopping guidelines. Online buying of Fildena comes with convenience as you can do it from any corner of his globe. All you need to do is to get it right on the vendor you wish to buy from. Identify a credible top rated and quite reputable online pharmacy to trade with. This exercise will guard you against scam and ensure that your deliveries will arrive. If you fall for scammers, two things are bound to happen; one is that you will never receive any suppliers after paying and second is that you may receive your parcel of counterfeits. Having a trusted supplier will save you from all these. Most top rated stores will are accredited to sell Fildena so your search should be natural. Note that, shopping online will call for shipping of the product to your locality. Shipping services typically charge between $9 and $19 depending on the function of preference. Airmail will cost you $9 whereas Express Mail Service will charge $19. Deliveries are between 5 to 21 days.


Fildena is a medication that is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction among men. As men age, their sexual power is hampered by the constriction of veins taking blood to the penile tissues. This makes it hard for the victim to achieve a firm erection meaningful enough for sexual intercourse. Fildena belongs to a group of drugs known as the PDE5 inhibitors that help in blocking the degradation of cGMP hormone that is responsible for the dilation of tissues.

Fildena has been proven effective in remedying erection related disorders. It as the FDA approval and its manufacturer conforms to international standards of practice. Whenever you wish to replenish your supply of Fildena, check with our top rated store.