Drsolve.com Review – Unauthorized Internet Pharmacy

Drsolve.com sold drugs for both humans and animals. I assumed that they were located somewhere in Canada because they posted CIPA standards for Canadian Pharmacies on their website. I was uncertain of their period of operations.

DrSolve sold Viagra, Lipitor, Yasmin and Diane as their main assortments. In the category of erectile dysfunction, I only came face to face with information about Branded and Generic Viagra that did not include their prices. The only thing I could say was that they sold Viagra in capsules of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

Dr Solve was not FDA approved but we accepted by CIPA, IPABC and a member of PharmacyChecker.com since 2016. Payments were made secured by GeoTrust and McAfee Secure. They accepted Personal Checks, International Money Orders, Certified Checks, American Express Credit Cards and e-checks. Their shipping price was $9.95 for within the United States but there were additional charges for overweight packages. We did not know if they shipped overseas or the time it took to ship packages to the US as this information was not disclosed. DrSolve only shipped to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The main way to contact them was by telephone. Their call centers were open between 6am and 6pm PST. Other options to contact them were by email or by filling out a customer contact form. They did not accept returns by virtue of pharmaceutical law and no mentions were made of refunds.

Drsolve.com Reviews

So Dr Solve had no reviews. It was as though they never existed but we know they did because their website could be found in the web archives. Nonetheless, this was not a good thing for either Dr Solve or their potential customers.

Some persons may be scared of shopping online. They are paranoid and afraid that their personal information would be used to imitate their identity and that their financial information is compromised. If a seller has reviews on their website, a mix of both positive and negative, there is a possibility that persons may be more willing to purchase from that website.

However, if the reviews on the seller’s website are mostly positive and seem highly unemotional, then persons usually look for an independent review on an independent website because they are going to believe that what was on the seller’s website was skewed to manipulate customers into buying.

Drsolve.com Reviews 2017

Dr Solve had no reviews on their website. Reviews help people to make informed decisions, especially when shopping on the internet. They also act as a safeguard mechanism. In order to make the most informed decision about Dr Solve.com, I decided to make use of Legit Script and Scam Adviser’s services.

image2 13

I have honestly never seen a website be labeled as”an unapproved internet pharmacy website” before when using Legit Script. This was a first for me. Maybe I should not have been as shocked? After all, we should not really be surprised at the result because they had no reviews to back them up. Do we even know if they ever sold anything?

image3 11

So, I was a little right about my assumption that they were based in Canada. But Scam Adviser believed that their real location was being hidden. If they were really in Canada and CIPA approved then there was no need to hide the true location. Canada was actually a safe country to buy from. Scam Adviser also threat listed Dr Solve.

Drsolve.com Coupon Codes

As a means of attracting customers who may have been “window shopping” to actually buy, Dr Solve offered a referral discount. It was actually a pretty decent offer. If you told a friend both you and your friend would get $25.

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Whilst I doubted that this $25 would be cash, I only hoped that it was the case. $25 could go a long way. I assumed that the $25 was applied to both your account and your friends account so you both, in essence, got $25 off of your purchase. This was cool.

However, as humans tended to be greedy and I am human, I would have wanted Free Shipping instead of the discount I would get for referring a friend. It was a good scheme to encourage return buying but I was always about instant gratification. Free shipping would give me that, not some discount I was promised on my second order. But what if I never got the first?


The only issue I really had with Dr Solve was that they did not accept Visa credit cards. What company does not accept Visa? Visa was like one of the most widely accepted credit cards. American Express did not enjoy the same popularity as Visa or even Mastercard and those were not even options.

Disclosing prices would have been nice. How do you run an online store without listing your prices? That was the most confusing part about Dr Solve’s operations. Was I going to know the price of the item after I checked out? Also, how was I going to know how much money to transfer? I also did not like that there were no international shipping fees. Did they even ship international or was there shipping just domestic?

I could not give Dr Solve anything more than 1-star. They did not deserve it. Their web site’s content was poorly done and worse DrSolve is an unauthorized pharmacy yet claiming to have had the backing of the CIPA.