Cheap Pills Review – A Pharmacy Network that Delivers Meds on Time

Cheap Pills is a group of websites which form an online pharmacy network. The main pharmacy has been operating for more than 2 decades since it was established back in 1997. One key thing you will observe when you load any of the websites in the Cheap Pills network is their similar look. They all have the same phone numbers, they have the same meds in their catalog, their prices are similar and even the information on all the pages including the testimonials and about page is the same.

The major goal of creating network pharmacies is to ensure that the company running these network websites gets as much traffic as possible and hence maximizing the number of sales. The online vendors in the Cheap Pills Pharmacy network are genuine. They have a valid license that belongs to a company known as the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. This license was issued back on 17th August 2017. Also, the Cheap Pills Pharmacies are approved by MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacies Association) and CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). The online stores are also recognized by Pharmacy Checker which investigates and recommends online pharmacies which perform well.

Cheap Pills Reviews

Testimonials always perform better when it comes to determining how good a pharmacy network is. Cheap Pills network has been in business for a long period of time. We figured they already have reviews left by their previous customers. We checked and we managed to come up with the following reviews:

Cheap Pills Reviews

Customer satisfaction is one thing that is evident in all the Cheap Pills reviews we have come across. The quality of products delivered was, as one of the reviewers above points out, just as she had seen them in the advertisement or even better. The products arrive on time. They arrived even sooner than the buyers would have expected. The first reviewer indicates that she is 100% satisfied.

One of the reviewers had trouble while placing his order. He called the customer service and they were able to help him out. The delivery was speedy even if he had opted for the regular shipping. Another reviewer indicates that the Company that runs the cheap pills pharmacy network keep its customers updated. His meds were sent fast and the selection was great. After ordering twice from Cheap Pills, the final reviewer has always gotten his products within a period of 10 days and there were no customs delays. The products had the quality that he had been looking for.

Cheap Pills Online

A Cheap Pills network web drugstore will have “Pharmacy Mall” as its title. All the pharmacies in this network will handle the payments via the MasterCard or VISA credit cards. This is better since it gives you the ability to dispute any charges if you feel you are not satisfied with the services that you receive. The pharmacy has a 100% money back guarantee. You will get all your money back if your package does not arrive or if you receive defective products and want a refund.

Cheap Pills Website

You will find numerous products in the Cheap Pills Medication catalog. These include herbals, heart disease meds, pain relief meds, medications to help with quitting smoking, skin care products, sleep aids, muscle relaxant, men health drugs, depression drugs, asthma meds, anxiety meds, and more. The drugs will have the lowest prices online. For proof here are some of their prices:

  • A pill of generic Viagra will cost you $0.27.
  • Cialis pill will cost you $0.68.
  • Clomid will only require you to pay $0.44 for a pill.
  • Propecia Pills will cost you $0.52.
  • Amoxil will require you to pay $0.39.

Finding your medication is made easier by the search function which displays the results as you type the drug name. The alphabets on the top of the webpage help you find your medication faster if you already know the letter of the alphabet the medication name starts with. Both brand and generic meds are available. One thing we appreciate about Cheap Pills websites is their easy to use design.

Cheap Pills Coupon Codes

To ensure that their customers are getting the best prices for their medication, Cheap Pills pharmacies offer coupon codes. We were able to come up with two coupon codes. These are as you can see them below:

Cheap Pills Promo Codes

Both coupons will ensure that you only pay 90% for your meds. The codes are HZ-4725 and IL-9158. Using these codes is as easy as copying them and pasting them in the check out page. The coupons have not yet expired. They will stay active for more than a year given that their expiry date is December 31, 2019. Other offers available at Cheap Pills include the free bonus pills, free shipping when your meds are worth more than 200 dollars.

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

To make it easier for their customers to reach them, Cheap Pills offers two phone numbers. You can use either +1-718-487-9792 or +4420-3239-7092 to call Cheap Pills. You can use their contact page to send them an email. The customer support team working for the Cheap Pills network are reliable. Therefore, they will get back to you quickly.

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Pills is not affiliated with any bad behavior like spamming their customers with phone calls. There is no one who claims that he or she has ever received fake products from any of the Cheap Pills network websites. The pharmacy will only send you an email to communicate with you regarding something important and not to spam you.


Cheap Pills is a drugstore network which offers the best services and medications. They have a very active customer support department. This has been confirmed by one of their previous customer who has indicated that they helped him when he could not get the website to process his order. Other customers have confirmed that the drugs they got worked. Based on this evidence, we give Cheap Pills a 5-star rating.