Best Online Pharmacy – How Do I Find the Best Online Pharmacy?

The search for the best online pharmacy is something innate for every buyer. Whilst it is true that almost all the medications consumers need are available at their neighborhood pharmacies, we can’t deny the fact that most of the meds at our local drugstores are too inflated, especially medicines for special medical conditions like impotence, hair loss, fertility treatments, HIV, and plenty others. Although we can always seek for free pills and voucher discounts at our local drugstores, these promotions are not always around, leaving us still burdened with immense prices for the medicines we need.

Online pharmacies, compared to our local drugstores, have more forgiving prices. Instead of paying almost a $100 for a pill of Viagra, consumers are presented legitimate generic alternatives that only cost less than a dollar each—who wouldn’t want to save this much? However, as with everything nowadays, transacting online, especially with web pharmacies, still come with a great risk.

How do I Find the Best Online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacies replace tangible brick and mortar dispensaries nowadays, and this isn’t something too surprising considering online stores have more discounts and deals available for its patrons, unlike local pharmacies.

Before searching for the best pharmacy out there, as a consumer, you first need to verify which online pharmacies are genuine and legally operating or not. Some online drugstores may appear to be the best choices for online purchases, but eventually turn out scam websites. To verify the status of online drugstores, you can try several online checking platforms, like the ones comprised below:

Best Online Pharmacy – How Do I Find the Best Online Pharmacy?
Canadian International Pharmacy Association Website

There are several organization websites like CIPA Rx—this website has a database of legally operating, Canada-licensed online pharmacies. This website is excellent when it comes to checking online drugstores claiming to be “Canadian” pharmacies, especially the ones with the “CIPA Rx” seal. You can check if a store is indeed a CIPA member by searching CIPA’s website.

CIPA Rx Seal

According to CIPA Rx, there are only 66 pharmacies registered in their database, so if you see a store with the CIPA seal, make sure to verify the shop’s membership with the association’s platform first before transacting with it.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Since CIPA Rx is only applicable to Canada-licensed or based online drugstores, you may need to use another online platform to check your prospective online drugstore. For online drugstores in the United States, you need to check their validity through another pharmacy association platform, the NABP, which stands for National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. In this website, you can verify if a web drugstore is a legitimately operating online drugstore with the VIPPS – Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites seal:


Apart from discovering if a drugstore is listed under the VIPPS certified online pharmacies, you can also check if an online drugstore is included in NABP’s “Not Recommended Sites” list—a rundown of web drugstores found to be illicitly operating and meet the following criteria:

  • Sells unapproved medications
  • Sells without prescription
  • Violates state or federal laws

According to NABP, it has reviewed more than 11500 websites and determined that 96% of them are illegal.

Legit Script Website

If your search for an online pharmacy on the CIPA Rx and the NABP website is fruitless, you can try other web assessment platforms, such as Legit Script and Scam Adviser. Legit Script and Scam Adviser are algorithm-based website assessing platforms that analyze a website’s integrity based on its website value, sales, total visits, and the presence of a security certificate.

Legit Script classifies online pharmacies as “Rogue” or “Legitimate”—Rogue online drugstores are the ones determined incompliant with the international pharmacy regulations and those shops which are blatantly operating as scam stores.

Sample of a Legitimate Website

Legitimate online drugstores, though, are those which obey pharmacy regulations wherever they are based in the world. They have SSL certificates to ensure buyer safety while browsing their sites and dispense medications only with the provision of a legitimate, written doctor script.

Scam Adviser Website

Apart from Legit Script, you can also use the Scam Adviser to check if a store is legitimate or not. Scam Adviser, like Legit Script, can allow you to verify specific details regarding a store you’re transacting with. For instance, Scam Adviser is able to present a site’s creation date—you can use this to verify if an online pharmacy is stating the truth regarding its inception date or if it is just making up details.

Checking online drugstores against web databases for online drugstores is a smart idea, but there are also other things you need to keep in mind when it comes to transacting with web drugstores if results from these verifying sites are inconclusive.

To find out the best online pharmacy for your medical needs, you need to bear in mind the following details:

  • Products – Does the online drugstore have regulated medications, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and none of those narcotics and banned substances? Thoroughly check any shop’s product line-up and evaluate if it only has legal products in stock.
  • Prescription status – Legitimate online pharmacies ask for prescriptions from consumers, especially for RX-only medicines.
  • Contact data – Web pharmacies should have responsive customer support and verifiable contact information in case of buyer concerns regarding their orders or products. The lack thereof reflects a shop’s lack of reliability.
  • Security certificate – Online pharmacies should protect your privacy by having a security certificate -https, as stores without a security certificate put buyers at risk of having their identity or sensitive details stolen.
  • Reviews – Look for web drugstores with verifiable reviews—stores with reviews from third-party platforms are usually the most reliable ones. If you’re in doubt, go to a forum website and ask around.

These are only some of the things you can do to ensure you’re purchasing from a legitimate and best online pharmacy. Make sure to perform these checks before you transact with a specific online store—however, if you do not have the time to do these tedious checks, you can always use our list of Top online pharmacies for the year since this includes proven reliable online drugstores with years of experience in online selling.

Canadian Online Pharmacies – How Advantageous is it to Shop at Online Drugstores?

Shopping at online pharmacies has its perks—the most prominent of the benefits of online drugstore shopping include low-cost medications at every turn. Since web drugstores are able to source medicines from almost all corners of the globe, they are able to present the best prices for the medicines consumers need.

Let us compare erectile dysfunction medicine prices at local US drugstores and online shops to see how much consumers can save when purchasing from online pharmacies:

Viagra Pfizer Local Pharmacy Prices, United States

According to the local pharmacy price information for Viagra from Pfizer, 10 tablets of the 100 mg brand drug ranges from $636.86 to $709.00 at several local US drugstores.

Online Pharmacy Price for Viagra 100 mg [Generic]

In stark contrast, 10 tablets of the generic Viagra version costs only $29 at one online pharmacy. Apart from this price, consumers can even purchase the drug for lower prices should they be willing to purchase more of the product in one transaction:

More Discounts for More Pills

Online pharmacies are capable of offering various promotions for their consumers including the following:

  • Free pills along with every purchase
  • Free shipping for a set amount
  • Subsidized shipping for express shipping for a set amount
  • Discount on the next orders
  • Referral discounts
  • Special discounts for orders reaching a set amount
  • Holiday coupon codes
  • Free trial pills [pay only shipping]

Not all online pharmacies are able to offer these discounts all at once, but some online pharmacies are generous enough to give various discounts to consumers at the same time. The best online pharmacies in the market are those verifiable using reliable web platforms and are with special offers [1 or more of the mentioned above] available for their consumers. If you want to shop at verified stores with immense discount offers, try out the shops included on our list of Top Online Pharmacies for the year.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

Another way of telling if a particular store is the best online pharmacy to shop from is by looking at its reviews. Most online drugstores have good reception from their buyers, but it is important to check the integrity of the reviews first. If you need to check reviews in your search for the best online pharmacy, you can do the following:

  • Read third-party reviews for the site in question—always take on-site reviews with a grain of salt
  • Review forum threads about online drugstores and the products they sell
  • Ask questions—ask users about their former experience with any particular store

Asking around can steer you in the right direction—be as inquisitive as you can be and always verify reviews before believing them.


The best online pharmacy is out there, but you still need to look hard. Although there are a plethora of online drugstores offering their services and unbelievable offers, only a select few of them can be trusted to deliver. Always verify details and do your personal checks on websites and take everything with skepticism. However, if you want a shortcut, you can use our list of verified online drugstores, shops with lengthy experiences in online selling and with good credibility based on their massive online reviews base.