Best Rogue Online Pharmacy

Best Rogue Online Pharmacy: Are There Safe Counterfeits for Sale?

The speed of developing technology has given us highly convenient but also highly risky markets. Medications are some of the easiest products to manipulate, duplicate and counterfeit. This makes sense because millions of people buy all sorts of medications each day, ranging from cough pills to painkillers. ED pills alone have seen extreme spikes in sales for this decade alone, and have raked in billions of dollars for their respective companies. With medications being such a lucrative business, it is no wonder that many vendors would try to sell these dishonestly in order to earn more cash. There are plenty of fake pharmacies out on the internet right now, but is there any benefit to buying from them?

You should be Wary of the Drugs your buy online Now More Than Ever

“Rogue” is the name given to any pharmacy or online store that is selling medications to customers but that participates in various unsafe and illegal practices. This can be in the form of selling prescription drugs without asking for any form of written verification from a licensed doctor, or it could be that they are selling counterfeits or imitations of the drugs. In the case of the United States, several laws have been put in place to prevent any medications from outside the country from being imported. However, this results in a severe rise in the cost of drugs in the US even though there are plenty of cheap alternatives to be found created by manufacturers from other countries.

ED Pills are Very Popular Meds and are Often Exploited

ED Pills are Very Popular Meds and are Often Exploited

There are some people who are defending rogue pharmacies and encouraging their online peers to try it themselves and see the difference. One of the benefits would be the huge gap in prices, as many of the direct sellers of authentic pills will sell them at very high prices. A legitimate Viagra pill costs nearly $30 now, and this is usually paid out of pocket since health care may not be covering these expenses for you. If you buy some cheap generic from another country, the price will drop much lower than the usual. Another thing is that many people who have used these sites have sworn that they do, in fact, deliver the products requested and the products do actually work.

Of course, we highly discourage going to rogue pharmacies or even entertaining the idea that you should try buying products from these sorts of websites. There are many people who have received something that made them ill or got absolutely nothing at all for their trouble when they attempted to buy from an unlicensed vendor. However, if readers insist on buying their drugs illegally and potentially suffering the consequences, then you should at least visit forums filled with persons knowledgeable about online pharmacies and ask for recommendations of the best sites.

Reliable Online Pharmacy

It can be difficult to find the difference between what is legitimate and what isn’t, especially if you are new to buying products like medications on the internet. After all, it’s easy to simply place the approval logo or badge from an authority licensed to regulate online medications and pharmacies without any consequences. However, there are several indications set in place that will tell you that whether a website is safe or not.

How can you tell if you can Trust a Pharmacy?

How can you tell if you can Trust a Pharmacy?

If you encounter a pharmacy and want to know whether it is reliable, you should first check if they are requiring valid prescriptions in order to buy medications. Many unlicensed pharmacies and vendors will proudly display a “no prescription needed” banner on their homepage to attract more customers. You should also make sure they are providing adequate security and a privacy policy for their customers. Finally, you should find out if the contact information given on the site is still in use, and make sure they are disclosing their base and location of operations.

Safe Online Pharmacies List

Aside from the criteria that have been shared above, you can also check the validity of a website by searching up their name on the approval lists or blacklists of organizations that are dedicated to regulating online medication sales. Groups like the CIPA, which is the Canadian association with only licensed pharmacies serving as members, or Pharmacy Checker that helps you not only find the pharmacies that offer the best service but also the best prices. You can even look up online forums that will help you weed out the worst pharmacies based on first-hand experiences from members.

Some Sites Provide Useful Info about Pharmacies Online

Some Sites Provide Useful Info about Pharmacies Online

If you have found a few online pharmacies that seem promising, you are not sure if they are for you, browse through the recommendations list we’ve made of reliable and licensed online pharmacies that already have solid reputations. Along with the assurance that all the meds you will buy will be completely safe, you will also be thrilled to discover great deals that come in packages with medications that you buy.


Online pharmacies are growing in great numbers all around the world. If you want to find cheap pills and medications, especially for expensive commodities such as ED pills, then online vendors are your best bet. However, there are just too many pharmacies out there, called rogue pharmacies that are selling medications without the right qualifications, and with the potential to harm consumers who may be buying fake drugs. While there have been accounts of rogue pharmacies that still give good service, your best choice should be a fully licensed and approved online pharmacy.

Though avoiding prescriptions may be the main reason many people are looking for pills online, it is illegal to purchase prescription-only meds over the counter, not to mention it is dangerous to your own health if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is best to seek out a doctor you trust and have a thorough discussion about your condition and what meds would be best for you to try as an individual.