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Best Online Pharmacy Forum: How to Gather Information Before Making a Purchase

One of the best ways to educate yourself before buying a product is to communicate with people who have already used it. Online forums can provide some great insight into basically any topic, and that includes online pharmacies. You are likely to get a pretty wide range of opinions, but that should provide with a solid idea of what to expect. There are a couple notable forums that are strictly dedicated to online pharmacy related concerns and questions.

·      Pharmacy Forums, quite literally titled, it’s a site where you can discuss anonymously with other people dealing with similar issues. You are able to create your own post or join any of the already existing discussions. And most of their content is centered around pain, anxiety and erectile dysfunction drugs.

·      Phoenix Rising has a pretty extensive forum about online pharmacies. They offer tips on how to check legitimacy and find reliable online pharmacies, as well as pages of user insight and discussion.

·      Pharmacy Reviewer is another site that not only contains a forum for discussion, but it is also dedicated to rating various online pharmacies on their legitimacy and performance.

Being that many online pharmacies are located overseas, Overseas Pharmacy could be very useful as well. It’s a forum that discusses foreign-operated online pharmacies and covers topics from scam reports to payment methods. There are also sites like Reddit that might require a little more searching. Reddit is not a medical site, but because the site is so massive, it does contain sections that discuss medically related topics like online pharmacies.

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These places should be able to give you enough information to move forward with your online purchases. In addition, you can always check out our list of the Top Recommended Virtual Pharmacies that has been serving customers for years.

Overseas Pharmacy Reviews

While it is true that many online pharmacies might not be located in your country, it shouldn’t cause any worry. There are plenty of resources available to assist you and make sure that you choose the right ones. Pharmacy Checker, for one, is a very popular site that does as the title suggests – checks pharmacies for their legitimacy and then openly displays that information on their site for customers. Here you can find reviews and ratings for a number of pharmacies, and they give each pharmacy a small profile with useful information, as well as a link to the site.

You could also check out the Overseas Pharmacy Forum, which discusses both foreign and domestic online pharmacies, doctors, and services.

Forums from Overseas PharmacyRiver Drugs and ReliableMedicationRX Reviews

River Drugs and ReliableMedicationRX Reviews

River Drugs and ReliableMedicationRX are two commonly searched for online pharmacies that based in overseas locations. You aren’t likely to find extensive reviews on either pharmacy, and the ones you will find are suspicious and lacking any solid information or evidence. You can also try searching the various online forums for information about this site. ReliableMedicationRX appears to be what it says, a reliable place for medication; however, for unknown reasons, the site is no longer active and can no longer be used to purchase any sort of medication.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

If you are looking for more “get to the point” information about online pharmacies instead of pages of user submission on these forums, there are other sites that are less crowded. There is a site called Drugs that contains mostly simple reviews. They have hundreds and hundreds of reviews for any drug or medication you can think of, and they even have a page that briefly discusses online pharmacies as well.


Pharmacies Review is another site that contains countless reviews and pages of online pharmacies that are located all around the world. Most of these reviews are concise and small in number, so getting through them would be quick and easy.

Online Pharmacy ReviewsThere are also sites like CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association)

There are also sites like CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). Since many online pharmacies are based in Canada, this could be a very useful source. Their website has a list of CIPA approved pharmacies, and they also have a blacklist of sites to avoid. This is an official, trusted organization, so if your pharmacy is CIPA approved, you can be confident about your purchase. Similarly, you can visit the NAPB (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). They provide some resources and can assist you in choosing a trusted online pharmacy. They have lists of pharmacies that they recommend and also those that they don’t recommend.


There are countless online forums and discussions regarding online pharmacies that you can visit. The busiest places are going to be the most helpful and generate the most discussion. If you are looking to do more than reading, these sites you can create an account and be a part of the discussion by either joining those that already exist or by creating your own post if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Truthfully, there are way more online pharmacies than there are reviews for online pharmacies, and because opinions vary so dramatically, reading more might only make you less sure. If you want to avoid scouring the web for trusted online pharmacies, you can check out our list of the Top Recommended Virtual Pharmacies that have been securely and honestly serving customers for years.

If you are ordering medications online, it could mean that you haven’t been to the doctor or are avoiding doing so, but just make sure that you are able to be taking whatever medication you wish to order from an online pharmacy. If you aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to contact a doctor or medical professional for guidance. Always be smart about shopping online for your medications, and never put the convenience over your own safety.