Review – A Trustworthy Provider Of Steroids used to be an online supplier of anabolic steroids. The store is currently unavailable for reasons that aren’t disclosed. The anabolic supplements could be shipped internationally and were extensively sought by athletes to promote their muscles growth.

The site was quite clear and attractive, so I had an immediate sense of professionalism. On I was able to find sexual health meds, weight loss supplements, and other drugs for general health purposes. Clients have to create their own account to be able to browse and select the products.

The store appeared in 2008 and guaranteed to be a licensed provider. I found that a box of 20 tabs of Brand Viagra was sold for $40.50. Oddly, the store said the drugs were manufactured by Generic India; obviously, these are generic pills and not branded ones. Tadalafil, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, could be acquired by $70.5 for 60 tabs.

The meds were shipped mainly from Europa in a very discrete package. Each package would be shipped to most countries in the world at an extra cost of $30. The expected transit time was between 15-21 business days.  Damaged or lost orders were eligible for a full refund.

As for payment methods, the pharmacy didn’t explain exactly which methods are accepted. After placing the order, would contact customers with the instructions for payment. Reviews

It doesn’t take much to realize that was a very popular store among bodybuilders and other athletes. After a quick google search, I found many external reviews from real customers. Some of them are posted on a bodybuilding forum where people share their experiences with anabolic steroids suppliers.


About one year ago, user Project Buff demonstrated to be quite satisfied with, writing that he doesn’t understand how this “legit” pharmacy wasn’t rated “#1”. He has been a loyal customer for more than 5 years and never had an issue before. According to him, the communication with the pharmacy is “always great”. Moreover, he shared his experience with Viagra and Cialis, highlighting how “good” and effective the products were.

Another user, Lipton, order something two years ago. He complained about still waiting for his order after “1 month”. Athletes Pharmacy replied to his statement, kindly asking him to contact them again so they can fix the issue.


I was even more surprised to see that was also outlined on The statements left by customers are a bit contradictory; some were glad about their purchases while others experience some delays and other issues. However, it seems like the pharmacy was always prompted to solve its issues.

In January 2013, KC purchased two times from Athletes Pharmacy and was “very happy”. The ordered products were “great” and effective and arrived in “12 days”. The customer was satisfied with “prompt response” to his questions.

Adam bought steroids from this shop back in 2012. He experienced some delays in his order, which arrived after “2 months”, but the store compensated the delay with “an extra box”. Adam is not entirely satisfied, even though he got the products. Based on his statement, the products were “under-dosed” and caused “abscesses in injection sites”.

It seems like has an imminent concern for its customers’ satisfaction (which is always a plus). I’m not worried that the store did not deliver the products; Athletes Pharmacy main problem seemed to be the effectiveness of its products. Reviews 2016

While looking for some recent reviews, I realized the contradictory response prevailed. has some positive reviews and many customers who recommended buying from this store regardless.

Bogie is a “happy man”. He ordered from this shop was got his order “15 days later”. This consumer explains that the store guided him through the ordering process and payment quite nicely.

MixMan is a very excited client. According to his statement, Athletes Pharmacy is “the best online” store and “nobody does it better”. Needless is to say that this loyal customer is a very satisfied one. He believes the products have the “highest quality” possible. MixMan “cannot say enough good things” about



As I mentioned before, is no longer available. However, I was able to ascertain that the pharmacy is operating under a different domain. On the same forum, another user advised others not to buy from this new domain as it’s been “more than 6 months” and never received a product. The user explains the store is nothing more than a “nasty scam” that ripped off $546.

On the same negative review, the same user advertises a different person who can supply steroids domestically in the US. I have a feeling that this is an attempt to destroy the pharmacy’s reputation and lure clients into this new store instead. Coupon Codes

Sadly, didn’t have any coupon codes or other offers. The pricing list was final and clients couldn’t expect to get extra money saving options.


Buying anabolic steroids online is always a risk and there isn’t a single online supplier that hasn’t had a complaint about the ineffectiveness of their products. The reality is that these meds can reliably perform their task for some while, at the same time, demonstrate to be powerless to others. I don’t know the exact reasons that lead to the closing of However, from the solid and impartial testimonials, I was able to gather, I think that Athletes Pharmacy wasn’t so bad. The store delivered the products most times and always displayed availability and professionalism to deal with certain issues. Customers extensively response and customer service.

Taking into consideration its eventual ineffective products but excellent service, I award a 4 out of 5 rating.