44 Eriacta Reviews

Eriacta Reviews – A Good Viagra Substitute with Price Within Reach

Eriacta reviews are available on the web and mostly are for praise for this product’s reliability when it comes to impotence treatment. Eriacta, a generic alternative to the brand Viagra, from the company Ranbaxy (now part of the massive drug conglomerate Sun Pharmaceuticals), is one of the more affordable options for Sildenafil Citrate based treatments. It is natively distributed in India, but a large chunk of this drug’s sales come from its online sales. We’ll be showcasing reviews for Eriacta in this article, but we’ll first discuss a few key points for this product.

Eriacta 100mg Ranbaxy: What is this drug?

Eriacta 100mg from Ranbaxy or Sun Pharmaceuticals is mirrored to the product Viagra from Pfizer. This means that despite the generic status of the product, Eriacta is quite similar to brand Viagra in terms of active ingredient and overall action in the patients.

Eriacta 100 from Ranbaxy (now Sun Pharmaceuticals)

Eriacta contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, a potent inhibitor of a specific phosphodiesterase enzyme. This inhibition in the patients causes an improvement of the erectile function in men, through increasing the blood flow to the penis tissues to facilitate more hardness in the males whenever they are sexually stimulated.

Eriacta exists in 25, 50, and 100 mg and only in the archetypal film-coated tablet form, unlike other brands with a plethora of dosage formulations to choose from. Eriacta is recommended in patients with 25 to 100 mg depending on their impotence severity. To ascertain the correct dose in patients, men should seek the advice of their doctors and never self-medicate or self-assess their conditions.

Some other things you need to know about Eriacta include the following:

  • Use the drug at least 30 minutes before intercourse
  • Eriacta can last up to 4 hours
  • Never take the drug with blood pressure lowering medicines, nitrate drugs, other medicines for erectile dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension
  • Make sure to let your doctor know if you have diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, cancers, and liver disease, especially
  • Common side effects of Sildenafil Citrate products like Eriacta include skin flushing, headaches, bluish vision, and even nasal congestion

Since Eriacta has the same Sildenafil Citrate content found in Viagra, it is able to yield the same erectile function enhancing effect. However, since it is generic, Eriacta is categorically cheaper.

Eriacta India Reviews

Eriacta from India has reviews all over the web, indicating a fair popularity for this product. As far as we’re concerned, there are no negative comments for this product, only reports of slight side effects common to Sildenafil Citrate use. Comments for the product across sites include the following statements from consumers:

Eriacta Reviews

Eriacta Reviews

A user named Cyril had a brief comment for the drug Eriacta and stated that he was satisfied with the drug’s effect. Alex, on the one hand, related how he tried Eriacta only by accident—according to him, he was supposed to take a drug for headache, but he ended up trying Eriacta instead. Based on his comment, he was surprised and well pleased with the product’s effect.

Peter, another consumer, also gave his good report for the drug Eriacta. According to him, he even found the drug “better” than Viagra due to its quality and reasonable price. Peter said that he was first skeptical about Eriacta, but the drug’s reliability won him over eventually.

According to an interesting remark from an anonymous user, Eriacta is not only reliable for single use—the drug is also able to normalize “potency permanently”.

Eriacta Reviews

Eriacta Reviews

More user comments for Eriacta exist on various websites and buyers were still quite satisfied with Eriacta’s performance. According to Jimmy, the drug helped him bring sexual pleasure to his partner so he will continue to use the product. Another buyer who wrote his comment for Eriacta on the same website also stated that Eriacta was able to help him overcome his struggle when it comes to erectile function.

Responses from males able to try out Eriacta for their medical concern were overwhelming. Eriacta, though generic, is able to satisfy the male users of the product.

Eriacta 100 Price and How to Buy

The expected price for Eriacta is rather low because of its nature as a generic drug. Ranbaxy/Sun Pharmaceuticals made sure that its Eriacta brand is affordable, as reflected by the drug’s prices at web pharmacies:

Eriacta 100 Price

Eriacta 100 Price

According to this price information for Eriacta, the drug is available for $1.31 to $3.00 per pill and for at least $35.95 for 12 pills of the 100 mg product. Price for this product is fluid depending on the web pharmacy in question, although on the average, web pharmacies have cheap prices available for their consumers.

Eriacta 100 Price

Eriacta 100 Price

According to this online pharmacy price, the drug Eriacta is available for a low price of $1.31 to $3.00 depending on the quantity to be purchased.

Regarding the purchase of this product online, men still need to provide the appropriate prescriptions for the product. The search for the best online pharmacy to purchase Eriacta from is a challenge—men need to look for stores with proven credibility in terms of third-party reviews. This is tedious work, but men can go around this task by referring to curated lists of web pharmacies, like the one we have, our Top Online Vendors.


Eriacta is an excellent choice when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment and buyer reviews attest to the effectiveness of this product for erectile dysfunction. Since this is generic, it is affordable and available at almost any online pharmacy. To get the best Eriacta price and genuine drug stocks, refer to our rundown of stores (Top Online Pharmacies) for the present year.