24getmeds.com Review – Stay Away, High-Risk Vendor

24GetMeds.com is a closed website that had an exact same layout as seen in many different domains. The ‘About Us’ section of this store indicated that it had been in business for 9 years and had been supplying quality medicines while maintaining the quality of drugs and confidentiality of the patients. A really long list of medicinal categories could be seen mentioned of 14 Get Meds including those for erectile dysfunction. Other categories included arthritis, cancer, anti-depressants, birth control, analgesics, alcoholism, antiallergics, cholesterol and more.  1.79 USD was the rate set for a pill of Viagra 25 mg which was very high according to me.

Payment could be made by a credit card and delivery could be made using Air Mail or EMS charging10 and 30 US Dollars and delivering in a maximum of 21 and 9 days, respectively. The company used to offer a refund or reshipment if the customers did not receive their orders or a part of their order was said to be missing. The medicines available at 24 Get Meds were mostly manufactured in India. A contact form or a call at +1(718)4759088 could get the customers in touch with the store.

24getmeds.com Reviews

I was able to find the reviews from the website itself. Some of the testimonials from loyal customers are discussed below.

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Mark was very happy after using the website and said, “I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great”. He was so excited with his order that he said, “My wife thanks you, I thank you, the bed thanks you, the room, sheet, etc.”

Mike also commented after using the website, “I have received the order. Received the order quick as well”. He was much impressed with the delivery procedure.

Another unknown user, DN gave his testimonial by saying, “Thank you for your follow up, I did receive the pills and had an opportunity to try them. I am very happy, so is my girlfriend”. And not to forget his girlfriend who was quite happy with the store too.

Brian thanked the vendor by complimenting their impressive service. He wanted the vendor to be assured that when he decides to place further orders, he will not hesitate. He also mentioned that he would refer his friends and would describe them about the excellent service provided.

24GetMeds had a lot of reviews that were favoring the pharmacy but a reviewer can realize it in no time that they are all just copied from other websites. The website had failed badly even in disguising its gruesome work. This online pharmacy could be involved in the infringement of copyrights as well. People must note that vendors like this were not worthy of their time and money. I am strongly against such act of fooling someone into buying a particular thing.

24getmeds.com Reviews 2017

After failing badly in the reviews for the previous year, I thought maybe the vendor would have straightened up its policies, but nothing was new in the year 2017 too. I was unable to find any kind of reviews or testimonials for the year 2017. Not even a single customer found this website worthy to give a try.

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Scamadviser gave a yellow signal to prospects interested in services and pharmaceuticals from 24 Get Meds and detailed that this using this online vendor can put a client under different kinds of risks. As a malware report had been reported on this website, using this website can put a person in great danger for phishing software or other viruses. Moreover, the location of this website was being hidden by different software too. Scamadviser noted that the site was based in Netherlands but it was most likely being run from Ukraine. This shows how the people behind this website had been hiding to keep themselves safe.

24getmeds.com Coupon Codes

Disappointed from nearly every segment, I thought to look at the discount section. Here too, the pharmacy was fulfilling a formality of discounts as the discount banners contained very little information on how to get them.

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The pharmacy used to offer 20 free pills of Viagra and a chance to avail free delivery but had not mentioned the conditions regarding these offers.


24GetMeds.com seemed like a drug store that I would never try out for buying medicines online. I was sure of its unreliability as soon as I came to know that it had fake reviews posted on its website. I had seen the exact same reviews posted on so many different websites that their presence was enough for me to declare a pharmacy as a fake one. My opinion was strengthened by Scamadviser that had particularly asked the customers to stay away from this website due to the high amount of risk associated with it. Hence, I would say that this drug store deserved the fate it has been given. 24 Get Meds receives 1 out of 5 for its poor performance.