1buysteroids.com Review – Closed Steroid Selling Online Pharmacy

1buysteroid.com was a steroid selling online pharmacy. Their “About Us” section generally contained several headings (Our Company, Our Team, and Information) with no paragraphs under it. They claimed to be based in Europe but did not give an indication of the country.

Top Sellers were Proviron, AnaTREX, OxaTREX, Clomid and an entire list that went on. Cialis was the only ED drug that I recognized on their website. When I attempted to check the price I got a message that read “There are no products” so I could not write an average cost.

There was no way to verify their FDA status as there were a lot of blanks to fill in still. They accepted wire transfers, payment by the Western Union which got you a 10% discount or you could have paid by credit card. If you were paying by credit card they asked you to contact them by email. They shipped to all countries besides Australia, France and Canada. Shipping cost $20 but if you spent $350 it was free. It took 10-12 days for a package to be delivered to the US, 5-7 for Europe and 14 days to the rest of the World.

To contact them, there was an email address and a customer contact form. What I did not see was a telephone number or chat window. I was not sure about refunds because when I clicked for their Terms and Conditions the page read that it was “Coming Soon”.

1buysteroids.com Reviews

Reviews were not to be found either on independent sites or on the seller’s site so there was no way to assess the seller’s reputation which was in my opinion quite unfair to the customer. Reviews give insight and businesses were made or broken because of reviews. They could attract customers as well as deter them.

However, if reviews could not be found for a supplier, it created the same impact as negative reviews. People would not want to buy because they have no information to go on. It is a known fact that people take every opportunity to air their opinions to anyone willing to read or listen. 1buySteroid’s lack of reviews shows either their lack of internet presence or their lack of purchasing customers. Maybe their website design threw off potential would be customers.

1buysteroids.com Reviews 2017

The site 1buysteroids.com was analyzed using scamadviser.com as we had no forthcoming information or reviews to assess the sell.

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Scam Adviser reported that the site was based and most likely in the United States. There was also a possibility that the site was unsafe to use. I was grateful that scam adviser gave this information because I really thought that they were a European company based on the information they provided about their location.

1buysteroids.com Coupon Codes

1buySteroids actually did not have any promotions, discounts or coupon codes. In their specials, section it seemed as if they monitored dropped prices. But at the time I checked there was “No price drop”. Also, I did not know if customers would consider free shipping on $350 orders a discount or entitlement. I thought of it as an entitlement because I would have spent the cost of some person’s rent on your website it was the least they could have done.

I thought that they were very stingy and cheap and this did not bode well. It could be an explanation for why they no longer operated. Online shoppers were interested in scoring the best deals and getting the best prices and I felt as if Steroids could have done more for the populace. A simple gesture like free shipping or even them offering free pills with every order would not have gone unappreciated. Also even a return order discount. But, they did not think that far ahead and probably just wanted to make instant money.


Several things; why would you name your website steroids out right? Then I felt like they did not even edit the website before they posted it. Too many grammatical errors were found “we make shipments to most of the countries”. Why did I have to email them if I wanted to pay by credit card? This did not make sense to me. If you were operating an e-commerce website you were supposed to set up a payment portal. They did not do this which showed they were lazy. There was also no way that a sane person would email their credit card information, i.e. confidential information. They also had no number to call really? These were all big and wide red flags.

Their website was also boring and mundane. It legit looked like a text document and it was not even formatted. No effort was put into the design and the customers saw it. I forgot to mention that I saw a discount for persons paying by Western Union. I thought that maybe Western Union was more convenient for them than actually setting up a payment portal.

Needless to say, I gave them a 5-star rating. I believed that was possible. They were too disorganized to be taken seriously and it was highly likely that they were a scam and their intention was to conduct fraudulent activities. I do believe though that their attempts to do this were futile because no one would want to shop on a website that is not visually appealing.