Review – Offline Shop with a Poor Reputation used to be a virtual shop in the distribution of anabolic steroids and body building products such as; Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, Anadrol and Provirone among others. Customers must have been glad to be purchasing these narcotics without a prescription. Therapies for general health maintenance and infertility cases were among its supplies at an affordable range of prices an example was 20mg of Apcalis at $ 6.30 and Cavetra being sold at $ 7.00. Its clients were allowed to purchase quantities that would suit their needs without a maximum or a minimum limit. However, they were encouraged to seek the counsel of experts to avoid undesirable consequences. The e-store enlightened its buyers about the high-quality products it used to supply which came from the best manufacturers on earth. It was hard to pass ruling on the legitimacy of these products as laws differ from one country to another and for that reason consumers were urged, to ensure that their purchases were in line with their local law.

Steroid4u claimed to have been pitched in the European Union since 2005 when it commenced its operations; things remained so until 2013 when it left online business as the Way-back machine indicates. Clients had been invited to submit their inquiries and orders through the use of an official email or handing in the email contact form to the support team. Emphasis was made on conducting their shopping from the site since most of its activities used to be performed there. Instructions on how to relay payments were individually communicated via an email where a set of instructions were issued although I managed to find out that money orders and bank transfers were accepted alternatives. Shipping was done using the recommended letter that used to take an approximation of (9-21) days at a service charge of $ 9.33 best suited for worldwide transportation. Express courier with an advantage of a tracking number and an estimate of (4-8) days used to cost the European residents $ 23.32 while those outside the European Union were forced to pay $ 34.98 to get their goods delivered. A refund policy was in place to the recipients of defected consignments and those who failed to receive their medications after twenty-one days from the day the payments had been made. Unlike many who compensate their customers using a free reshipment or a cash refund to match the amounts indicated on the bill; decreased the latter to 50%. That meant that the money would be equally shared between the transacting parties unlike on the case of a reshipment where the client would enjoy 100% of the benefit. I was curious to find out what its customers used to say concerning its services; without hesitating, I explored the available reviews. Reviews

The first remark that I came across was not as welcoming as the client was bitter to have bought fake products from the shop having traded with it twice.

The other one in the same year that was five years ago acknowledged to have received the drugs from the United States a week past his payment was made. The comment was concluded with a word of appreciation for the exceptional services provided by the store.

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A year later, two testimonials were posted from the same client he first one being the pleasant surprise of getting the parcels delivered within eight days in great shape. The additional part of it was a plan to try the drugs and relay the feedback on their effectiveness.

Later the same client placed another order which was shipped within a week and was glad to find out that the boxes meet his or her expectations however it was too early to declare on their legitimacy. A faint complaint was also highlighted in the slow response from the team in the attempt of making another order. The remarks were moderate in complementing the vendor as some were negative while others had positive things to say about the site. The Scam analyzers views are significant in vetting the store, and so I opt to fetch for them. Reviews 2017 declares that is not safe to browse and buy after realizing that it had no trust records in the unusual visitation patterns it used to experience. The information was numerically presented as a (6 out of 100) % safe.

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It was encouraging to note that Steroid4u had not been malware to its users and so I decided to make use of the for a second opinion. The United-States-based steroid shop had been enlisted as a threat owing to malware reports from some of its consumers.

pasted image 0 said that Steroid4u store used to have very few visitors and a rogue classification from the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities according to it a (48 out of 100) %. Coupon Codes

Pharmaceuticals have become an integral part of life, particularly in the modern society due to the emergence of various ailments unlike in the ancient times where herbs were in great use. As opposed to herbs which were freely obtained and in most cases used occasionally, artificial therapies are insatiable in most cases. Therefore, a constant demand calls for a continuous supply. The sequence of events turns to be expensive for the dependents thus soliciting for support from the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. The lowest in the long chain of supply being the pharmacists. Online drugstores, on the other hand, offer the lowest prices in the market due to their small inputs in their operations. Additionally, they provide free tablets, seasonal discounts, and free shipping to cope with the high levels of competition as they assist their clients to make saves. had no coupon codes and discounts that were indicated in the remains of its website at the time of my review.

Conclusion customers had moderately complimented Steroid4u service with one testifying to have bought counterfeit products from the shop. The site of Steroid4u had disdainful trusting rates from the scam consultants and lacked coupon codes with that I grant it a 1-star out of a handful.