Review – Closed Shop which Left a Trail of Mixed Reviews was an online platform concerned with the sale of mostly steroid products online. The store is now inaccessible during my last visit, but I failed to know the reason why the store closed down without warning. The shop had its fair share of reviews online—a mélange of positive and negative consumer reviews exist for the store, indicating the good popularity of the shop amongst its consumers.

I tried the web archive site to see if there were available data for Roid Spot. It was disappointing, though, that the store only had records there but only for the year 2016. The archived data for the store were also incomplete—some of the shop’s sections were non-functional and the former site did not even have an “about” page which would have helped us gather more details for the website. There were no details concerning the location where the store operates from or its inception. The only available details on the store were its former products, which Roid Spot arranged per manufacturer. offered products from Faizer, KALPA, Sciroxx, Genesis, GE-TM, BIONICHE, and several others. Though most of the products were anabolic steroids and bodybuilding products, the shop also had fat burners and sexual health medications. Most steroid websites offer meds other than anabolic steroids too, and the shop offers to dispense the products even without prescriptions. Most online pharmacies, especially the ones selling steroids do not ask for prescriptions from their consumers. However, as far as I know, dispensing steroids online is illegal, let alone dispensing the product without prescriptions. Steroids are considered controlled substances and doctors with special licenses are the ones who can dispense such products.

Since erectile dysfunction products were available on Roid spot’s retrieved records so I checked which products for impotence were available on I saw that only had generic products for impotence such as Cikalis 20 mg (Tadalafil), Sildigra 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate), and also Tadarise 20 mg (Tadalafil). Roid Spot sold the products $20 for 10 pills of each product. Besides these products, there were no other generic or brand products for impotence available on The shop did not state if these products were approved by the FDA or not—Roid Spot did not even state the manufacturers for each product, so there was no way to check if these items were indeed approved by the FDA or not.

Due to the limits of the data available on, I was unable to determine the acceptable payment methods on the shop. The shipping rates were also not discussed, but there were banners on the website stating that Roid Spot offers free shipping for consumers with orders of more than $400.

The records have limited information for, so I was unable to determine if the store offered guarantees for lost orders during transit or for damaged products. Reviews

What I like about Roid Spot is the existence of a lot of external reviews for the website. Unlike other online pharmacies or web drugstores, had its fair share of good comments from consumers. However, the shop also had bad comments for its service from disappointed clients:

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One of the former buyers of Roid Spot, “Evolve”, who posted his review 2 years ago, that he was able to receive his Aromasin Faizer Brand from in about 3 weeks. He recommended shopping on v due to the reliability of the store, as well as the effectiveness of the products.

On the other hand, “Zanoid”, who also posted his review 2 years ago, complained about the store not being able to get replies from the store. It was unclear if the consumer failed to receive his product, as his comment mentioned that the overall delivery from the shop was good. All in all, the client did not recommend shopping on Reviews 2017

More reviews were available for on 2017 and the store continued to have good reviews from its consumers. This is another example of a good review for Roid Spot:

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The buyer ordered Faizer prop from and he stated that he was able to receive his product in just 12 days from the ship date. As for the product effectiveness, he found the product generally effective and even recommended shopping from the website.

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However, checking on Legit Script, I found out that the store was a rogue pharmacy which failed to comply with the regulations set for valid websites. I think was regarded as a rogue store because the shop did not ask for prescriptions for its products and had other issues as well. Coupon Codes

Free shipping was offered by to its clients, but only if their orders exceed $400.

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Discounts were also given to clients with orders more than $600—Roid Spot gave 5% off to consumers with orders more than $600 and gave 7% off the products when orders exceeded $750.

Conclusion was a decent website with products of mostly anabolic steroids. The store had a lot of consumer testimonials from its consumers, and surprisingly, most of the buyers gave good comments for the store.

I am still puzzled why a good online supplier suddenly went out of service without warning. There were no clues to this store’s disappearance, only trails of mixed reviews for the store. Since is now closed, I am rating the store 1 out of 5.