Review – Affordable Online Pharmacy with Weak Online Reputation was an online drugstore which specialized in selling high-quality generic medications for sexual health enhancement. All drugs offered by the pharmacy complied with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The best selling and most popular drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) that could be purchased from this store were generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, generic Kamagra, Tadalafil, Kamagra Fizz, Ladygra. Lovegra, Super P Force, Malegra DXT, Malegra FXT, Aurogra, Tadacip, and Zenegra. The generic Viagra could be purchased for $0.90 USD from this pharmacy. This price is really cheap in comparison with other drug stores selling the same generic alternative. The innovator brand which is manufactured by Pfizer is really costly with the price ranging from $10-14 USD per pill. It was not specified if the pharmacy required a valid prescription upon ordering, but I strongly encourage all patients and buyers to consult a licensed doctor before initiating a new drug therapy. This is important to avoid improper use of drugs because of misinformation and unfamiliarity.

There was no FAQ section retained from the website so some important details were lacking already. Paying is through different online payment options but the full list could not be viewed if it was via major credit cards or bank transfer and other options available. Shipping is FREE, but the delivery methods were not mentioned from the website. There was a minimum amount of order required in order to qualify for the free shipping which costs $100 USD per transaction. The waiting time for delivery would depend on the country of destination and the shipping method chosen.

The product returns policy was not discussed but there was a form to be filled up by the customer from their website should there be any problems encountered regarding the quality of the items they have received.

An e-mail ticket form was available and toll-free hotlines should there be a need to speak with a customer support specialist. The pharmacy was open from Monday to Friday, 7a m to 7 pm. Reviews

There were a lot of customer feedbacks found on the seller’s website and most were in favor of

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Juan Carter from New York gave 5 out of 5 stars rating said that was a “really good place to buy ED medications”. The quality and effects of the Viagra he bought from the pharmacy “proved worth” to his health and was very efficacious.

Philip Fink from Las Vegas also gave 5 out of 5 stars and said that he had been long looking for a good ED drug from various online pharmacies. He stumbled upon and said that it is “very informative and extremely helpful” to all its clients. He added that the medications offered by the pharmacy were all at “affordable rates”. Moreover, Philip was also pleased with the “fastest shipping” of this superb pharmacy.

Lastly, Martin Smith from New Jersey gave 4 out of 5 stars said that is “a trusted and reliable pharmacy”. Just like Philip, Martin was also searching for a good source of ED medications and he was very happy that he tried this drugstore.

Although all the feedbacks were positive, please be wary that we cannot guarantee 100% truthfulness on all the customer reviews because they were taken from the seller’s website. There is a big chance that these were used to deceive customers in order to gain a good reputation for the pharmacy. Reviews 2017 and were also consulted to check the safety of the website and for more recent reviews about

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According to, the domain used by the pharmacy was very risky. The originating country of the server was hidden but the website was also found from the United Kingdom. An inconsistency in location is a very suspicious act. Moreover, the store was also defined as a Rogue Pharmacy which means that certain verification standards required for pharmacies operating online were not met by the drugstore.

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Similarly, the reviews given by were also disappointing. The website used by the pharmacy doesn’t own an SSL certificate which makes buying online from them very risky. The data might be compromised so it is not recommended to share personal information on the website. Coupon Codes

All medications sold online by the website were low-cost and also offered special promotions to attract more consumers.

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Free shipping was given for every $100 USD orders placed and they guaranteed secured shopping from their website. Also, if the customer paid using eCheck, a 20% discount shall be rewarded.

Conclusion was a virtual source of high-quality generic medications intended for optimal sexual health function. All medications offered by the pharmacy were cheap and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

I am grading 1 out of 5 stars for due to its weak online reputation. There were good customer feedbacks validating that they provided good services to their clients, but all these testimonials were taken from the seller’s website. Moreover, the safety of the website was also compromised as dictated by

I recommend scouting for a better online pharmacy in the market as a source of your ED medications. There are a lot of drugstores online, but only a few could be trusted.