Kamagra.co Review – Suspended Store Specializing in ED Drugs

Kamagra.co used to be the official company dealing in different forms of Kamagra. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in action due to unknown reasons. This drugs store claimed that it was an easy and reliable way of ordering Kamagra to any place whether it is office, home or any alternative address. The company claimed to ship the medications from London and the orders placed on it were usually dispatched on the very day. Kamagra provided a free postal service to all the orders that were meant to be delivered within the United Kingdom. It ensured that the medications were delivered in a discreet packaging and the billing procedure also took place very discreetly. The company used plain bags to wrap the medicines with no mentioning of what was inside. The customers were obligated to make an account on the company’s official website before ordering any medicine. The medicines were usually stocked from Ajanta Pharma and also included Kamagra gel and Kamagra Super in addition to the conventional Kamagra tablets. The medicines were delivered without asking for a prescription but it was the responsibility of the customer to know about any legal restrictions observed in his area regarding this drug. A 100 mg tablet of Kamagra was priced at 3.22 US Dollars which was an expensive deal to make.

Special Next Day Delivery was ensured to all the orders that were to be delivered in the United Kingdom at the price of 7.72 US Dollars. 12.91 US Dollars had to be paid for deliveries to different European countries via Royal Mail Airsure. The company did not ship to Canada or the United States due to legal restrictions. The company offered a refund upon fulfilment of an order and either reshipped the product or refunded the whole payment. Payments were to be made using credit cards. I was unable to find the means by which the company could be contacted mainly because the official website had been shut down.

Kamagra.co Reviews

Customer reviews are a guaranteed way of knowing if a company is worth ordering from. Therefore, I decided to check what type of reviews the customers had given to Kamagra.co. Soon after researching, it became clear that this company had never been able to receive any testimonials from its customers. This makes easy for me to decide that this company was not authenticated and it was not safe to buy drugs from it.

Kamagra.co Reviews 2016

Due to a general lack of customer reviews regarding Kamagra.co in the past, I first checked if it had received any in the year 2016. Because I was not able to find any, I ultimately turned to Scamadviser to see what it had to say.

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Scamadviser had given a very low trust rating to this ED store. It had been said that the company had been making efforts to hide the real location of its store from the customers. For this reason, it had been rendered as an unsafe platform for buying drugs and had not been recommended to be used by customers.

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LegitScript had given a rogue status to this pharmacy saying that it had not fulfilled the conditions that were required in order to be called as an authentic web store. Hence, Kamagra was not an approved store for buying drugs in the eyes of LegitScript as well.

Kamagra.co Coupon Codes

It is important to check every website for the type and amount of discount deals it offers. These deals are a good way of knowing how responsible a vendor is and how much the vendor cares for its customers. So, I decided to check Kamagra.co to find if it used to offer any discounts to the clients.

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After taking a look at the whole website carefully, I was able to find one offer that this store had for its valued customers. The website used to offer a chance to avail free delivery but this offer was restricted to the customers residing in the United Kingdom only. I was not able to find if there were other conditions that applied on availing this offer.


Kamagra.co was probably closed down because it needed to work on a lot of things. For instance, it seemed like an average generic selling company but was selling the medicines at a very high rate. Secondly, I was unable to find any customer reviews that could help me know more about the authenticity of this drug store. The coupon codes only included a free delivery option and were not really satisfying. So, I eventually decided to settle for the report presented by Scamadviser that said that this company was a spam and not safe to use. Saying this, I would conclude by giving Kamagra a low rating of 1 out of 5.