Review – Medication Broker Providing Online Consultations was a secure online prescription payment gateway which I learned provided FDA approved prescription medications safely and conveniently. wasn’t a pharmacy. Instead, it was a Medication Broker that had contracts with reputable fully licensed pharmacies which dispensed cheap pills via its escrow service.

Before dispensing a prescription medication, this pharmacy used a detailed procedure called an online consultation where fully licensed physicians performed a diagnostic assessment similar to a routine physical examination but not a substitute. I also learned that this was in line with the FDA laws.

Weight Loss, Anxiety, Sleep aid, Male Sexual Health, Female Sexual Health, Muscle Relaxants, ADHD, Pain Relief, Women’s Health, and Antibiotics were all available with few additional categories. These categories included both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

I also noticed that there were only two medications listed under “Bestsellers”. These drugs which were also part of the drugs found in “Male Sexual Health” are generic Viagra and generic Levitra. 270 pills of 100mg Viagra cost $449, 120 pills of 20mg Levitra cost $239, and 180 pills of 100mg Female Viagra cost $309. Bank Transfers and Visa cards were accepted for payment.

Federal law prohibited this online pharmacy from accepting refunds and returns. Reviews

I did not succeed in finding reviews posted by buyers on the website. I went looking for them because they represent a unique and valuable perspective from which a buyer could at least form an impression of the reliability of a store’s services. I have, in the past, learned about how quickly a pharmacy store delivered medications, what payment methods are safest, how quickly customer support responded, and how effective the medications ordered turned out to be through such reviews. This wasn’t a pharmacy store though, so that information was even more important. Pharmacy guides or Medication Brokers are only middle men. Pharmacy guides or intermediaries connect customers to a pharmacy on a consistently updated list of pharmacies and may offer specialized access on payment of a membership fee. is a Medication Broker, however, that makes use of an online escrow service system. Reviews 2017

I was right. There are no reviews for on any isolated website on the Internet. Actual pharmacy stores sometimes do not have reviews on isolated websites so this wasn’t indicative of popularity. I wasn’t sure, though, if it was indicative of a short life span since this Medication Broker is inoperative. I turned to for clarification.

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The reliability of Scamadviser notwithstanding, all it could do on this occasion was inform me that the website is not active. Of course, I already knew that. I would have loved to know the year this service came online, its location, and its country of origin. I would have also liked to know about what measures it took to safeguard its clients’ information and what Scamadviser thought about the website’s reliability – if the service was a scam or not. Coupon Codes

There is a trend among pharmaceutical vendors that has seen an increasing number of both new and established online pharmacies take advantage or discounts. I know of one such discount that is granted to all customers who are purchasing their prescription medications from a specific store for the very first time. This particular discount is usually accompanied by subsequent discounts on every order that buyer makes in the future. Another way some stores are providing discounts it to progressively raise the discount for a series of purchases a buyer makes after his first purchase till a limit. Bonuses are also being used to improve customer experience. Some bonuses entail offering free pills for every order. Others are for free shipping either on every order or for select purchases that go beyond an amount.


So, I now understand that there is a difference between a pharmacy store, a Pharmacy Guide, and a Medication Broker. was a Medication Broker. Through its contracts with fully licensed reputable pharmacies, it dispensed FDA approved prescription medications in a safe and convenient manner through its online escrow service. Obtaining medications through this service was devoid of prescriptions but this broker linked prospective customers to a comprehensive online consultation where fully licensed doctors performed thorough diagnostic assessments. I saw ADHD medications, Muscle Relaxants, Pain Relief medications, Antibiotics, Male Sexual Health drugs, Anxiety drugs, and Female Sexual Health drugs on a categories list containing some additional medications. I found out that there are neither native reviews nor independently written reviews for hit a proverbial brick wall when it came to analyzing CheapPillsFast. At the end of the day, I had no idea of how the website’s customers viewed the vendor. I didn’t have a location either. I am giving 1 out of five stars.