Review – Online Pharmacy Poorly Portrayed by a Customer Review! was an internet shop that takes pride in selling genuine anabolic products among other medicines. According to their page, all of their products were from legit pharmacies and drug manufacturers. This online shop is no longer operating though. Information on when they started operation or when they closed cannot be found. There is also no information about the location of this dispensary. It says though on their FAQ page that they had been around for 2 years now.

As its domain name indicates, most of the drugs sold by All Steroids World were steroids and bodybuilding products. They offer bulking steroids, cutting steroids, HGH products, HCG products, and anti-estrogen medicines. They also have anti-acne, anti-hair loss, stimulants, weight loss, anti-depressant, and ED medicines. What I found helpful in this internet shop was their “knowledge page” wherein information about steroids among others can be found. This page can be used by those who want to use steroids among other bodybuilding products for the first time.

Since I am looking for an online shop to get the cheapest ED drug, I check the available ED drugs that offer. This website only offered Kamagra and Viagra during its run. Their Kamagra pill costs $14 per pack (4 tabs, 100mg). This Kamagra was manufactured in India. For the Viagra they offered, it was a branded Viagra (Pfizer) and it costs $22 per pack (4 tablets, 100mg). Honestly, I find it too expensive and if this store is still operational, I won’t consider them in refilling my ED prescription.

On their FAQ page, said that they are a professional mail order service licensed to distribute and sell pharmaceutical products like drugs. What was not said was whether the medicines they were offering were FDA approved.

AllSteroidsWorld shop is the only internet pharmacy I found that only accepts payment via the Western Union. When ordering, you need to process your order first. Once your order has been completed, will send you an email on how to make the payment. Aside from the Western Union, customers can also pay via Bank Wire Transfer (SWIFT system).

There were two shipping methods that All Steroids World offered during their operation. They had Regular Shipping and Express Shipping. Regular Shipping costs $19 and Express Shipping costs $49. The arrival of each order depends on its destination. For orders in the US, the order can arrive as fast as 5 10 business days while orders in Asia and Canada can arrive within 5 to 12 business days. Customers who ordered in Europe can have their orders within 5 to 12 business days and customers in South Africa can expect it within 10 to 17 business days. can be reached by their customers through their contact us page. Apparently, this was the only way to reach them since they do not have phone or chat support.

According to the Terms and Conditions page of, missing orders due to customer’s mistake (eg incorrect address given) won’t be replaced by this internet shop. Information about damaged products (and their responsibility with it) was not discussed on their terms and conditions page. Reviews

After operating for two years, it looks like was able to make one customer really unhappy that he even wrote a customer review on a third-party website.

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Maximillion183, a customer of wrote in 2011 about his experience with All Steroids World. According to him, he ordered received nothing from this website. He said that he just lost his money and after a month of trying to contact the website, he just gave up. Very unhappy experience, indeed!

This review was found from a third-party website and although was no longer operational, this single review remains on the web. After reading this review, I can’t imagine the frustration of Maximillion183 after sending his money and not receiving his order in return. Perhaps he was waiting for it because he wanted to bulk up only to find out that his money went on the drain. It was a single review but the impact was strong and if is still active, people wouldn’t dare to try it because of this review! Reviews 2017

With one negative customer review impacting the overall reliability of, I decided to check the status of from an online reputation analysis website.

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As expected, has tagged AllSteroidsWorld as a “rogue pharmacy” hence it means this website cannot be trusted. monitor and evaluate online pharmacies and didn’t pass their evaluation making it one untrustworthy online store.

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The analysis of was backed up by the analysis of revealing how untrustworthy this website is. According to, might be in Netherlands or in Ukraine, nonetheless, this website is not safe to use. Coupon Codes had been targeting people who want to bulk up using steroids and anabolic products.  As an online buyer, I always check for promo codes and coupon that allows me to save when buying. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t have any promotions for their customers. Either they had promotions in the past but web archive was not able to capture it or they didn’t really run anything.

Conclusion was an online shop that promises to deliver genuine products only. This store also promises worldwide shipping at the fastest time possible. In addition, they have a knowledge section on their page that can help people who want to use their products for the first time.

Among the things that I find distrustful though were the hidden location of this internet shop. Why can’t they reveal their location? This website was also said to have been active for two years and yet it is no longer operating!

One thing that I believed from the information I gathered was the customer review I found from a third-party website. That single review is enough to make me stay away from In addition to the result of and analysis, I am leaving this online dispensary with a review of 1 out of 5 stars.